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About Us

We produce super simple gaming guides without the fluff.

Here at GameObjective we want to provide gamers with over-simplified guides that get to the point. In a world where content is filled with fluff, noise and distractions we want to get you back into the game as quickly as possible.

Playing Games Since The 90's

Our team have been gaming since the 90's and have worked with some of the world's largest gaming websites in the past. Now, we are building GameObjective from the ground up to help gamers around the globe.

Complication, simplified.

We go hands on with the latest games, diving deep to find complicated tasks in order to simplify them for gamers to complete, one objective at a time.

Meet The Team


Ryan Darani

Ryan has had a passion for gaming since 1997. This love for gaming helped Ryan create in 2022. Ryan aims to build Game Objective into the go-to for no-fluff gaming guides.

Writer, Game Objective

Mohsen Baqery

Mohsen—or as his friends call him, Nix—is a gaming content writer. His fascination with games started around the 2000s (the golden age of video games) when he came across the Nintendo 64 magic. Nix’s love for games has since grown into a euphoric obsession, a driving force behind his writings. Now a passionate gamer, Nix is putting his gaming knowledge to good use, helping gamers through practical guides on