How To Find All Museum Keys in Hello Neighbor 2 (Locations)

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The Museum in Hello Neighbor 2 has five locked doors—the entrance, bedroom, study room, private library, and exit.

The keys are scattered around the map, and you must find them to beat the game.

But where exactly are these keys in the museum?

This guide gives you the locations.

Better yet, it helps you retrieve them as quickly as possible.

What Are the Keys in Hello Neighbor 2?

In Hello Neighbor 2, keys are hidden objects that open the Museum’s doors. Players must find five keys in total to beat the game.

Except for Act 1, Mr Peterson’s House, there is at least one key in each Act.

Finding The Keys: All 5 Locations

Starting from Act 2, you need to search each building for keys.

Here’s the complete list of where to find the five keys:

  • Key #1: It’s inside the cash register at the Bakery.
  • Key#2: It’s in the secret room in the Museum.
  • Key #3: It’s in Mr Otto’s safe.
  • Key #4: It’s in the Mayor’s secret office.
  • Key #5: It’s in the Museum’s fireplace.

Read on for detailed directions.

The Entrance Key Is in the Bakery’s Cash Register

To find the first key, head to the Bakery store and open the cash register.

The code is “1576.”

Use this key to open the Museum’s main entrance.

You must solve four puzzles in advance to collect the missing numbers from the cash register. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the key.

The Bedroom Key Is Behind the Painting in the Museum

Upon entering the Museum and solving the dollhouse map puzzle, you enter a hallway with the plague doctor’s painting.

The second Museum key is behind that painting.

First, pick up the stranded blue lamp.

Next, put it in the empty slot. And finally, pull both lights to open the secret door.

The bedroom key is distinctive because its head is heart-shaped.

The Study Room Key Is in Mr Otto’s Safe

Mr Otto resides in the brownish building behind Mr Peterson’s house—the blue one.

But his safe is buried in the front yard, holding the third Museum key.

Pick up the shovel on the rooftop and dig out the safe.

Enter the code “80164” to open it.

Retrieve the book-shaped key and use it to open the Neighbor’s study room at the Museum.  To decipher the safe’s password, you must solve all the puzzles in Act 3.

But it’s unnecessary.

Dialling the correct combination opens it up whether you solve them or not.

The Private Library Key Is in the Mayor’s Hidden Office

The key to the private library is hidden in the Mayor’s house, the gated property next to yours.

To retrieve this item, you must beat all the puzzles in Act 4 and enter the Mayor’s private office.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the private library is the Museum room with a gear-looking lock. It’s where you find the wrench and taxidermy bear’s head.

The Exit Key Is in the Museum’s Fireplace

When the Neighbor imprisons you, he also locks the exit.

So, to escape the Museum, you must solve the fireplace puzzle and grab the key inside it.

First, snatch the wrench on the Neighbor’s belt.

Open the fire extinguisher’s box. Use it to put out the fireplace’s fire and grab the red hanging key.

You now have all five keys in the museum in Hello Neighbor 2!

Good job.