How To Aim For The Kidney In Sniper Elite 5 & Get The Organ Grinder Trophy

how to aim for the kidney in sniper elite 5
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Aiming for the kidney in Sniper Elite 5 is challenging because it’s behind the liver and stomach.

But here’s a quick guide on how to destroy the enemies’ kidneys every time.

#1. Position Yourself Behind the Enemy.

sniper elite 5 behind enemy

To increase the chances of shooting the kidney, you need to get behind the enemy soldiers.

It’s unlikely you hit the kidney while the enemy is facing you, and it will probably end up being a stomach shot.

The thing is that the anatomy of the enemies is realistic. So, their kidneys are located behind the liver and stomach—just like an actual human. 

#2. Hold Down the Aim Button and Focus.

Once in the right position (facing the enemy’s back), hold the LT button to aim.

Wait until the enemy is still, then press the Left Stick Button (LSB) to enter the focus mode.

Since the kidney is hard to locate, let your scope zoom all the way in. 

#3. Shoot Just Below the Rib Cage.

sniper elite 5 kidney

To shoot one of the two kidneys of an enemy in Sniper Elite 5, aim for the right or left side of the waist, slightly above the belt and just below the rib cage. 

How to Get Easier Kidney Shots

It’s easier to make a kidney shot in Civilian Sniping Mode. Higher difficulty levels like Sniper Elite (HARD) and Authentic (HARDCORE) add elements like bullet drop and wind speed to aiming which make it less likely to hit the target. 

How to Repeat a Kidney Shot

Find an enemy who’s not facing you. Press the pause button and manually save the game. Aim for the enemy’s kidney below the rib cage. If you missed, press the pause button again, select Restart the Mission to respawn in the exact location, and repeat the kidney shot.

Why Do Sniper Elite 5 Players Want to Aim for the Kidney?

Organ Grinder Trophy is why players want to learn how to shoot the kidney. It unlocks after you shoot every eight organs of the enemies at least once.

But kidneys are particularly challenging to hit because they’re behind the liver and stomach. So, most of the time, you get a liver or stomach shot instead of a kidney.

And that’s how to aim for the kidney in Sniper Elite 5!