How To “All Chat” In For Honor Multiplayer

how to all chat in for honor
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All Chat in For Honor is when you write a text message and everyone in the match, including the enemy, can read it.

Here’s a quick, easy guide to activating it.

How to Make “All Chat” Your Default Setting

for honor interface

To All Chat in For Honor multiplayer, go to Options > User Interface and change Default Text Chat Privacy to “All.” You can do the same for Quick Chat settings so all players’ messages, including the enemy’s, pop up in the screen’s bottom-left corner.

How to All Chat in a Match

One way to send public messages in a match is by pressing T to open the chat box and Tab to toggle between Group, Team, or All. You can also press F9 to change the default text privacy for the entire match.

Different Types of In-Game Chat

for honor audio settings

The game has different chat settings that help you communicate with teammates or enemies. Here’s how they differ.

Voice Chat

When activated, Voice Chat lets you talk to your group or teammates through your mic. But the enemy won’t hear you. To turn it on, follow these steps: Options > Audio > Voice Chat Mode > Open.

Quick Chat

Console players can hold the LB or L1 button to send quick messages, uneditable texts like “Sorry” or “Good fight.”


If you put your chat settings on “Group,” only people in your own party/lobby will be able to read your messages.


Team chat allows all your teammates to read your text messages.


Using All Chat in For Honor, you can talk to everyone in the match, including your teammates and the opposing players.

Why Can’t You All Chat in For Honor?

To reduce the toxicity in online communications, the game’s developers decided to make text and voice chat an opt-in option.

Currently, the default privacy setting for chats is on Group, which is why you can’t use All Chat. But you can always change the setting to public in the Options menu.

Takeaways: All to Know About All Chat

  • To activate All Chat, go to the Options menu, and toggle Default Text Chat Privacy to All.
  • While in a match, pressing T opens the chat box and the Tab key allows you to toggle between Group, Team, or All Chat.
  • You can make Quick Chats public, too.