How To Assign Staff To Tasks In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

how to assign staff to tasks in two point campus
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You must manage the workforce carefully in Two Point Campus.

Sloppy job assignments can delay raising the campus level, leaving you with unhappy employees.

Here’s how to avoid that. 

4 Ways to Manage Job Assignments

Thankfully, there’s more than one method to supervise your workers.

The following are the fastest and easiest ones.

1. Assign Employees to Jobs from the Management Menu

staff list two point campus

If you want to assign staff to jobs in bulk:

  • Go to the Personal Management menu.
  • Select “Staff.”
  • Click a worker’s name on the list.
  • Open the “Job Assignment” menu under their card.
  • Check the boxes for tasks that you want to assign them to.

The Staff List is the best way to manage assignments because it shows who’s on a break, who needs training, and who’s not qualified.

2. Select a Staff Member and Give them a Task

beds two point campus

You can give tasks to your staff directly. 

Click the person you have an assignment for, open the Job Assignment tab under their name and check the boxes for things that need to be done.

The only problem is that you must locate the staff members manually, which could become a pain in the neck as your campus grows larger.

3. Drag and Drop an Employee Near a Job

drag drop employee

The game lets you change a staff member’s task by dragging them to a different place. To do so, click on an employee and hold down until they float in the air. Drag and drop them next to another task to change their assignment.

4. Pick Staff for Rooms and Machines

manage courses two point campus

Select a room or vending machine, click an assistant, teacher, or janitor’s name on the side menu, and replace them with the previous worker.

To assign more people to the same task, click the plus icon under Staff.

Note: You can’t assign employees to buildings with overloaded capacity. If that’s the case, increase the room size and try again.

How to See the Number of Employees

overview two point campus

To see the number of teachers, assistants, and janitors, go to the Campus Management menu and open the Campus Overview tab. It gives you a summary of the total staff, as well as their status distribution and skills.

Assign tasks to the employees with their capabilities and capacities in mind. Too many jobs for a small group of newbie workers increases the Resignation Warnings.

Quick Recap

You have four ways to assign tasks to staff in Two Point Campus:

  • Open the Personal Management menu, go to the Staff List, pick an employee, and assign them to a job from the side menu.
  • Click an employee to see their profile, select the Job Assignment tab under their name, and give them a task.
  • Drag and drop the staff next to a task to assign them to it.
  • Pick a building (e.g., Library, Student Union, etc.), and click the plus icon to increase the number of staff.