How to Beat Douglas in High on Life? (Walkthrough)

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The chief of training and torture at the G3 cartel, Douglas, is an early-game boss fight in High on Life.

He’s a deep-sea-diver-looking alien with a big blue helmet.

And depending on your choice, you hunt him before or after beating Krubis, the drill-head guy.

But as with all other High on Life bosses, you must locate him first.

Don’t worry, though.

This guide walks you through finding and beating Douglas in High On Life.

How Do You Find Douglas?

Douglas resides in Dreg Town in the Out-Outskirts desert. To find him, help Dr Joopy solve the pipe puzzles.

Dr Joopy is a blue octopus-like alien who takes you to Douglas.

You meet him after passing the military training at the Grunts camp.

How Do You Beat Douglas In High On Life?

To beat Douglas, stun him with Kenny’s Glob Shot and knock him off the walls with Gus’s disks.

Douglas has two primary attacks: laser blast and grounded electrical shock.

When he’s shooting purple lasers, hide behind the pillars. When he’s electrifying the ground, stay on the black platforms.

  • Start with Kenny’s normal shot (RT/R2).
  • Hit him with the Glob Shot when he’s on the ground(RB/R1).
  • Stay on the black platforms to avoid shocks.
  • Cover behind the pillars when he’s blasting.
  • Next, knock him off the walls with Gus’s disk shot (RB/R1).
  • Finally, kill him with close-range shots and stabbing (RS/R3).

Step 1: Stun Him with Kenny’s Glob Shot.

Douglas blasts you with explosive crystals.

When he does that, shoot him with Kenny’s Glob Shot.

It will stop his attack and cause a brief stun.

Switch your gun to Gus (Y on Xbox, triangle on PlayStation).

And blast him with disks as he’s knocked down.

But watch out for Grunts that might attack you and Douglas’s projectiles that blur your vision. 

Take cover behind the pillars.

💡 Pro Tip: Get yourself the Multiglob Mod at the Dreg Town Pawn Shop. It multiplies the Glob Shot slime, making it likelier to hit Douglas midair.

Step 2: Knock Him off the Walls with Gus’s Disk.

When Douglas dashes between the walls, equip Gus and press the RB/R1 button to knock him with a disk.

Since the disk bounces off the target, use it multiple times.

Stand near where the plate might land and press RS (R3 on PlayStation) to strike it back. 

💡 Pro Tip: Aim a disk at one of the pillars to slash whatever’s in between. (And take cover while it’s doing the job for you.)

Step 3: Avoid His Electric Fan Shocks.

Toward the end of the boss fight, Douglas electrifies the ground.

When he does so, some of the platforms shine blue or purple.

Stay away from the shining platforms and keep on the black ones.

If you’re cornered, jump toward the centre of the platform, hook on to the flying bug in the middle (LB/L1), and reposition.

Keep repeating the process until you beat Douglas for good.

Watch for his one last electrical shock, though.

Like 9-Torg, Douglas hits you with one last attack before giving up.

Stay in the air to avoid that.

How to Solve the Pipe Puzzles in Bounty: Douglas’s Mission?

The path to Douglas’s hideout is blocked with three pipe puzzles. Dr Joopy, the octopus, asks you to solve them to take you both to him.

Here’s how to solve all the puzzles quickly.

First Puzzle

  • Right blue pipe: Right.
  • Top blue pipe: Down.
  • Left blue pipe: Left.
  • Top blue: Right.

Second Puzzle

  • Right blue pipe: Up.
  • Top Blue pipe: Down.
  • Down blue pipe: Right (twice).
  • Blue pipes in the back: Up (all of them).  

Third Puzzle

  • Top-right blue: Up.
  • Mid-right blue: Right.
  • Mid-left blue: Left.
  • Bottom-right blue: Up.
  • Bottom-mid blue: Left.
  • Bottom-left blue: Right.

What Happens When You Kill Douglas?

Beating Douglas grants you an achievement, G3 Graduation. After obtaining his DNA, you also get a new gun, a Gatlian named Sweezy.

She creates time bubbles, rapid explosive crystals, and buffs Knifey.

The Bounty: Douglas’s mission ends once you return home and turn him in with Bounty 5000. #You are now ready to beat Skrendel Brothers (or another G3 freak).