How to Beat Hello Neighbor 2 Act 1 (Easy Steps)

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Hello Neighbor 2’s Act One (called ‘Night One’) starts after you leave The Barn.

It occurs in Mr Peterson’s House (aka Theodore Peterson), the blue building where Quentin sees Mr Peterson kidnapping his son (Aaron Peterson) and locking him inside the blue house.

Curious about what happened to the kids, Quentin tries to sneak in and look for clues.

And that’s how Act One of Hello Neighbor 2 begins.

What’s the Objective of Mr Peterson’s House?

To beat Act 1, your goal is to unlock Mr Peterson’s basement.  But the door is locked, and you must first find the four missing keys.

That will not be easy, as puzzles and riddles protect keys inside 910 Friendly Court.

The four puzzles you have to complete are:

  • The Dollhouse Puzzle
  • The Locked Safe Puzzle
  • The Race Car Toy Puzzle
  • The Picture Frame Puzzle

There’s also a catch: a cop named Officer Nielsen might catch you.

Since the house is a crime scene, it’s being guarded by a police officer, Mr Nielsen. The rules are simple, though. If he catches you, he’ll kick you out, and you’ll lose some progress (which is not fun).

As for good news, you can beat Act 1 in Hello Neighbor 2 in 10-15 minutes despite the challenges.

Sounds unlikely? Here’s the step-by-step guide.

1. Go to the Tree House and Grab the Scissors.

To beat Act 1, you need a pair of scissors, which can be found in the treehouse.

Once you wake up, head out to the green building to your home’s right. Use the trampoline in the backyard to get on the rooftop.

Climb the ladder and jump into the treehouse.

Inside, you must solve a puzzle to get the scissors.

  • Move the drawing.
  • Grab the figurine’s hand.
  •  Attach it to the actual figure. 
  •  Tilt the figure’s arms, so they match the drawing. 
  •  Grab the handle and attach it to the switch.
  •  Turn the circuit on and wait for the toy train to bring you the Scissors.

Now, jump down, cross the street, and enter Mr Peterson’s House from the back door.

2. Enter Code “1984” to Open the Safe.

Make your way to the first room next to the stairs. This is where you’ll find the locked safe puzzle.

You should collect the four cubes scattered around the house to unlock it.

Here’s where to find the four cubes:

  1. Inside the fridge
  2. In the toilet
  3. Inside the side table near the TV
  4. Besides the safe.

Since collecting these cubes is unnecessary, save time and enter the code “1984” directly. It’ll open the safe and grant you the first basement key.

💡 Pro Tip: Use the key before the cop catches you. Otherwise, you must repeat the process.

3. Complete the Dollhouse with the Missing Dolls.

You see an incomplete dollhouse upon entering Mr Peterson’s house. It requires three dolls, a boy, a girl, and a man—just like the drawing on the fridge.

The first doll is inside a hidden room next to the stairs. To expose it, move the landscape painting and enter the code “NOT.”

The second doll is behind the red plank on the kitchen wall. Use the crowbar to break the slat.

The last d, the neighbor’s doll, is in the A/C vent. To get it, climb the closet opposite room, move the panting, and enter the vent.

When you have all three dolls, head back to the kitchen and put the dolls in place to solve the dollhouse puzzle.

From left to right, the correct order is the girl’s doll, the boy’s doll, and the neighbor’s doll.

Finally, pick up the second key and open another basement lock.

💡 Tip: Press down on the D-pad to put items in your inventory. Press Y (triangle on PlayStation) to manage the inventory.

4. The Race Car Toy Puzzle

The toy car is in the kids’ bedroom on the second floor, blocked by crime scene tapes.

Open the path with the scissors you found earlier in the level.

Your goal is to discover the hidden key in the kids’ room. But before that, head to the parents’ bedroom (first room to your left) and grab the handle. It’s inside the green box.

Use the handle to turn on the circuit near the bookcase. This will expose another hidden room where you find the camera and battery.  

Cut the spider webs with the scissors, grab the battery, and go to the kids’ bedroom.

Attach the battery to the toy car controller and push its button twice. The car brings you the third basement key.

5. Solve The Picture Frame Puzzle

To find the last key, you must find four missing pieces of the picture frame.

The first piece is in the bookcase in the parents’ bedroom. Get rid of the tapes with scissors. 

The second piece is inside the wooden box at the end of the hallway. Pull the chest open with the crowbar.

The third piece is inside the white pillow in the kids’ bedroom. Cut it open with scissors.

The fourth piece is also in the kids’ bedroom but in a locked closet. Here’s how to unlock it:

Head back to the parents’ bedroom, climb the closet, cut the spider webs, and grab the weight. Go to the kids’ bedroom, put the weight on the button next to the closet, and collect the last piece.

Put all pieces together inside the picture frame to get the last key.

6. Get Inside the Basement to Beat Act 1.

Once you find all four keys, go down to Mr Peterson’s basement and read the newspaper on the box. Watch the short cutscene and unlock the cellar door to finish Act 1.

That’s it for the first night in the weird town of Raven Brooks.

Now, go and beat Act two!