How to Beat Hello Neighbor 2 Act 2 (Guide)

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Hello Neighbor 2’s second act starts when you leave Mr Peterson’s House.

Right after beating Act One, you come across a paper airplane with the words “Help Me” written on it. Quentin decides to investigate the message to find Aaron Peterson.

Tracing other paper aeroplanes takes you to the Museum, where you suddenly faint and wake up in your room.

Strangely enough, it’s morning again, and your CCTVs are focused on the Bakery. Act 2 is about completing puzzles to find the key to the museum.

This guide will show you the exact steps you need to take to beat Hello Neighbor’s Act 2!

How To Beat Hello Neighbor: Act 2

You have two main objectives during the Bakery Mission, Act 2: Finding the Museum’s key and entering the neighbor’s bedroom.

To beat Act 2, collect all the cash register buttons in the bakery.

The puzzles you need to complete are:

  • The Cat Puzzle
  • The Bush Puzzle
  • The Clock Puzzle
  • The Diary Puzzle

Step 1. Sneak Into the Bakery.

The Baker, Gerda, doesn’t let you in.

So, you must find a way to sneak in.

Climb the ladder near the entry, throw the scissors or a rock at the window, and break in.  💡 Tip:  You can throw items by pressing the RT button (R2 on PlayStation).

Step 2. Collect The Cash Register Numbers

The cash register in the Bakery is missing four numbers: 1, 5, 6, and 7.

Your goal is to explore the shop to retrieve them.

Although not necessary, it’s best to collect them in order.

Here’s how to find the cash register numbers.

  • Number 1: It’s in the cat’s bed.
  • Number 5: It’s behind the bush on the balcony.
  • Number 6: It’s in a book-shaped box.
  • Number 7: It’s in the clock’s secret drawer.

To beat the cat puzzle, you must distract the cat and take the button.

Here’s the how to beat the cat puzzle:

  • Sneak up behind the Baker and steal the key chained to her belt.
  • Use the key to open the refrigerator and take the cat treat.
  • Put the treat in the cat’s bowl and steal the button.

To beat the bush puzzle, you need to go to the balcony. There are three bushes on the balcony. And button #5 is under the middle one.

The problem is that you don’t have the tools to cut it.

So, you must kill the plant. (It’s sad, I know.)

  • Go downstairs and into the kitchen, the room with the fridge.
  • Grab the heater’s handle (the red wheel).
  • Go upstairs and into the bathroom.
  • Attach the wheel to the heater and turn it on.
  • Wait for the bush to turn yellow.
  • Cut it with the scissors and grab button #5.

Next, the book puzzle. You can find it upstairs near the broken window.

The box’s key, however, is inside a chunk of ice downstairs.

Follow these steps to melt the key out.

  • Open the display freezer downstairs.
  • Pick up the block of ice and put it in the oven.
  • Wait for the ice to melt.
  • Grab the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.
  • Retrieve the key.
  • Unlock the book-looking box and collect button #6.

Finally, here’s how you solve the clock puzzle to get button #7.

  • Locate the tapestry (wall rug) on the opposite wall.
  • Cut the white piece of cloth stitched to it.
  • Grab the hand and attach it to the clock.
  • Set the clock to 10:35 so that its secret door opens.
  • Pick up button #7 and leave.

Step 3. Unlock the Cash Register Device.

Once you have all the missing numbers, go downstairs, and fix the cash register.

(Press Y or triangle to equip the buttons from the inventory).

Enter the code “1576” to open the cash register and take the Museum’s key.

Now, leave the Bakery and head to the red building on the hill, the Museum.

Step 4. Solve the Map Puzzle in the Museum.

In the Museum’s entrance, there’s a hallway on the right with a scale model of “Wayron Croobs.”

And if you look closely, it has three empty slots.  

Your objective is to find these missing pieces and complete the puzzle.

Here’s where to find all three dollhouses.

Red house maquette: The red house doll is on the safe next to the city map.

Blue house maquette: The blue house doll is inside a display case in the Museum’s lobby. Obtain it by breaking the glass.

Brown house maquette: The brown house doll is also in a display case in the lobby. But it’s covered with spider webs. (Uncover it using the scissors).

Finally, put all the dollhouses on the map in the correct order. From left to right: Brown, blue, red.

Completing the map puzzle opens the safe box with a key in it. Use the key to unlock the door behind you.

Step 5. Solve the Painting Puzzle to Unlock the Bedroom.

The key to the master bedroom is behind the plague doctor’s painting.  

So, you should solve the painting puzzle first.

  • Obtain the wall lamp behind the spider webs.
  • Put it in the empty slot next to the painting.
  • Pull both lamps to open the secret door.
  • Take the key and go upstairs.
  • Unlock the bedroom. (It’s the room with a heart-shaped lock). 
  • And finally, pick up the picture frame inside the display case.

That’s it!

You’ve successfully finished Hello Neighbor 2’s Act 2. Now, learn how you can beat Act 3!