How To Beat Hello Neighbor 2: Act 3 (Easy Way)

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Act 3, or Day Three of Hello Neighbor 3, takes place in Mr Otto’s house—the brownish building across the brook.

It starts from where you ended up after beating Act 2: in your bed. But something’s changed. The fences behind Mr Peterson’s house are gone. And you can now access the mysterious brown building.

What’s going on in that creepy place? You should break in to find out.

(Once you’ve beaten Act 3, check out our guide on how to beat act 4.)

Can You Beat Hello Neighbor 2 Act 3 Fast?

Thanks to a gameplay hole, you can skip all the puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2’s Act 3 and beat the level in under 60 seconds. All you need is the passwords to both safes: 80164 for Mr Otto’s safe and 1135 for the Neighbors’.

The point of all puzzles in this mission is to discover passwords. But players who have the combinations in advance don’t need to solve them.

That’s a game-changer, one that speedrunners would love.

But, if you’re not into speedrunning, we’ll walk you through each step of the game now.

How To Beat Hello Neighbor 2 Act 3

To beat Hello Neighbor 2 Act 3, find all the missing map pieces in Mr Otto’s house. Unlock the buried safe in his backyard. Open the Neighbor’s storage room in the museum and take back your camera.

Sounds confusing?

Follow these simplified steps.

Step 1. Collect the Four Missing Pieces of the Map.

Upon entering the brown building, you notice an incomplete map with four missing parts. (

You can tell by the number of pins on the board).

Your first objective in this act is to find these lost pieces.

Here’s where to look for them.

White pin map: It’s in the stuffed bear’s mouth.

Mr Otto owns two stuffed bears, one in the basement and another on the main floor. The map that you’re looking for is in the latter’s mouth.

  • Locate the stuffed bear in the basement.
  • Detach the handle on its chest.
  • Attach the handle to the second stuffed bear. (Main floor.)
  • Pull the lever and grab the map with #1 on it.

Blue pin map: It’s inside the chest under the stairs.

Protected by three planks, the locked chest is in the spandrel—the space under the stairs.

  • First, enter Mr Otto’s bedroom on the second floor.
  • Tear his pillow apart with the scissors.
  •  Grab the key and go downstairs.
  • Use the crowbar to remove the planks.
  • Crawl into spandrel and unlock the chest.
  • Take the map with #8 on it and leave.

Green pin map: It’s inside the bookcase.

Located on the second floor, the bookcase is to the map’s right. And next to it is a taxidermy mount of a stag with a missing antler.

Putting back the antler on the mount opens the bookcase drawer. But for that, you must solve the fridge puzzle first.

  • Open the toilet seat and pick up the letter “F.”
  • Jump on the first floor’s loft and collect the letter “B.”
  • Go up to the rooftop and grab the letter “C.”
  • Place the three letters on the fridge door.
  • Take the antler and attach it to the stag mount.
  • Retrieve the third piece of the map with #4 on it.

Red pin map: It’s inside the microwave.

You can see the final piece of the map inside the microwave. But it’s locked away. (Whoever’s brilliant idea was to put it there.)

Tilt down four mounted pigs’ heads to open the microwave door.

Here’s where to find them.

  • First pig head: Above the microwave.
  • Second pig head: In the basement.
  • Third pig head: Right across the stairs on the second floor.
  • Fourth pig head: Above the stuffed bear on the main floor. (It’s on the loft-looking space under the ceiling)

Step 2. Unlock the Buried Safe Using the Code “80164.”

Putting all the pieces on the map gives you the number “80164.” Use this code to unlock the safe buried outside Mr. Otto’s house.

First, climb up to the rooftop and jump down on the second floor’s ceiling.

Grab the shovel and head to the front door.

Walk about 20 steps towards the brook and get behind the tree. You should see a suspicious mound—a pile of mud. Dig it up with the shovel to unearth the safe.

Dial the combination “80164,” retrieve the key, and head to the Museum.

Step 3. Solve the Grandfather Clock Puzzle.

To solve the Grandfather Clock puzzle, collect three gears and place them inside the clock. The correct order from top to bottom is green, yellow, and blue.

Here’s where to find all three gears.

Green gear: It’s in the globe sculpture.

In the Museum, go upstairs and unlock the storage room.

Turn the globe sculpture four times to open it. Pick up the gear, make your way to the other end, and take the hood ornament (car mascot).

Yellow gear: The hidden case is on top of the bed.

While in the storage room, pull the blue wall lamp to open the hidden door.

Grab the weight in the box and put it on the metal button on the ground.

This will open a gate on top of the bed, where you can find the yellow gear.

Blue gear: It’s in the Neighbor’s car.

Get inside the Museum’s garage, where the Neighbor’s red car is kept.

Put the mascot on the hood so that it opens. Grab the blue gear and get back to the lobby.

Step 4. Pick Up the Camera Inside the Safe.

Once you fix the Grandfather Clock, it stops working again at 11:35.

But that’s a code. The code to the blue safe in the storage room.

Use the password “1135” to unlock the safe and take back your camera to beat Act 3.