How To Beat Hello Neighbor 2: Act 4 (Final Boss)

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Hello Neighbor 2’s final mission, Act 4, starts at the Mayor’s Mansion.

After beating Act 3 and retrieving the camera, you are one step closer to finding Aaron Peterson, the Neighbor’s son.

But saving him is not easy: 10 confusing puzzles obstruct the path.

Even worse, Theodore Peterson, the game’s final boss, awaits you in the Museum.

Don’t worry, though; we’ve got your back.

This guide walks you through how to beat Hello Neighbor 2 Act 4.

How To Beat Hello Neighbor 2 Act Four

You have two primary objectives in Act or Day 4:

  • Finding the kidnapped little boy
  • Escaping the Neighbor’s prison.

To beat Act 4, solve the five trophy puzzles in the Mayor’s house.

Head to the Museum. Find the three taxidermy head mounts and place them on the stuffed animals.

Enter the hidden loft and unlock Aaron Peterson’s cage.

Finally, escape the Museum.

The following is a step-by-step guide to doing so.

Step 1. Solving the Four Trophy Puzzles at the Mayor’s Mansion.

At the beginning of Act 4, you notice the CCTVs showing the Mayor’s Mansion, the gated building near your house.

Inside the mansion, you find a trophy stand with five empty slots.

That’s the trophy puzzle. You should search the house, find all the missed pieces, and put them back.

Here’s where to find the Mayor’s trophies.

Chalice Trophy Puzzle

The chalice trophy is inside the king’s statue at the mansion’s entrance.

First, pick the fire extinguisher in the dining room—near the bar.

Next, get into the patio and put out the barbeque fire. Grab the stake and feed it to the Mayor’s dog.

Finally, dig out the sceptre, put it in the statue’s hand, and grab the chalice trophy.  

Big Trophy Puzzle

The big trophy is on the shiplap, the wood planks under the bedroom’s ceiling.

First, enter the Mayor’s bedroom.

Next, jump on the bed and bounce high enough to reach the ceiling planks.

Finally, grab the big trophy. 

Ring Trophy Puzzle

The ring trophy is in the bedroom, hidden in a safe behind a painting.

First, go to the upstairs corridor and get on top of the closet.

Next, jump on the ceiling planks and walk to the attic entrance.

Unblock the electrical panel, remove the fuse, and head back to the bedroom.

Finally, jump on the bed, get on top of the planks, and put the fuse in the electrical panel. This reveals the safe.

Dial the combination code “8691” to open the safe and retrieve the ring trophy.

The safe’s password is written behind a painting downstairs. You can expose it by taking the ship toy from the bathtub and placing it on the stand behind the dining table.

But it’s unnecessary.

Star Trophy

The star trophy is in the Mayor’s office.

But it’s protected by lasers.

Take out the attic’s electrical panel fuse to shut down the lasers.

If you’ve already done that, enter the office and steal the trophy.

Arrowhead Trophy Puzzle

The arrowhead trophy is inside the hidden attic.

First, break the disc frame in the upstairs corridor and take the disc.

Next, go downstairs and play these notes on the piano: yellow, red, green, and blue.

Finally, insert the disc into the gramophone, enter the secret entrance on the ceiling, and grab the arrowhead trophy.

Step 2: Finding the Private Library Key in the Mayor’s Bedroom.

Once you have all the trophies, go to the Mayor’s bedroom, get into the closet, and exit from the other end.

(The closet is a Narnia-like secret door to the trophy room.)

First, place all the trophies on the stand in the correct order.

From left to right: the big trophy, the ring trophy, the chalice trophy, the arrowhead trophy, and the star trophy.

Next, grab the sheep wheel, head back to the bedroom, and attach it to the stand near the bed.

Turn the ship wheel so that its colors match the one’s on the stand—blue for blue and red for red.

Finally, enter the Mayor’s secret office and steal the last Museum key.

Step 3: Saving the Little Boy in the Museum.

With the gear-shaped key in hand, head to the Museum and unlock the door behind the stuffed animals.

Inside, you’ll find a book-shaped box—like the one you saw in Act 2.

Open it up to find the wrench.

Now, you are ready to solve the taxidermy animals’ puzzles.

The Fish Head Puzzle

The fish’s head is in the corridor near the Museum’s entrance. (The corridor where you solved the dollhouse map puzzle).  

The Hog Head Puzzle

The hog’s head is in the Neighbor’s car trunk. Grab the car door handle in the nearby box. Open the car’s door and pull the red lever to unlock it.

The Bear Head Puzzle

The bear head is inside the private library—the room behind the stuffed animals.

First, unlock the bathroom upstairs using the wrench. Pick up to book that’s sitting on the toilet. Bring it back to the library and place it on the shelf.

Next, get on top of the boxes behind the TV. Pull open the chest and grab the antenna. Unblock the balcony door and go up to the Museum’s rooftop.

Attach the antenna to the stand and tilt the sticks so both look up.

Finally, get in the Museum, turn on the TV, and memorize the symbols: Fire, Flower, and Planet.

Get into the private library and tilt the books in the same order.

Step 4: Escaping the Neighbor’s Prison.

Solving the puzzles in the private library opens the hidden path to the attic.

This is where the Neighbor is holding Aaron Peterson hostage.

Get into the attic, grab the key, and unlock the cage.

After the cutscene, you find yourself locked up in the Neighbor’s prison.

You must solve the last two puzzles to escape and beat Act 4 for good.

The Lock Puzzle

First, grab the scissors and the lever behind you.

Next, cut the spider webs on the combination lock.

Enter the code “30257” to open the door.

Since you’re on the other side of the lock, you should enter the code “31869.”

(Use the image as a reference).

Finally, attach the lever to the empty slot next to the plague doctor’s painting and pull it.

The Fireplace Puzzle

The Neighbor has locked the Museum’s exit and is guarding the lobby. To escape, you must solve the fireplace puzzle.

First, sneak behind the Neighbor’s back and steal the wrench on his belt.

Next, open the fire extinguisher’s box and grab it.

Finally, put out the fire in the fireplace, take the key, and unlock the exit.

That’s it!

Congratulations! You’ve now completed Act 4, the final chapter in Hello Neighbor 2.