How To Beat Powerwash Simulator Faster (The Easy Way)

how to beat powerwash simulator faster
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It takes an average player 30 hours to beat PowerWash Simulator.  But using the following tips, you can reduce that to 20 or even 15 hours if you’re good.

Now we don’t recommend beating games as fast as you can because in some way it does ruin the experience, but hey, some of us are impatient.

Below are some good tips to beat the game as fast as possible.

1. Invest in Equipment and Cleaning Liquids.

best equiptment in powerwash simulator

By default, your power washer has no extension and works with a Stubby Gun. Moreover, you can’t use Cleaning Liquids because you don’t own a soap nozzle. In other words, you start the game with a wacky, weak gun.

So, to finish the jobs faster, get yourself the following items:

  • Prime Vista 3000 Extra Long Extension.
  • Prime Vista Soap Nozzle.
  • Cleaning Liquids.

These pieces of equipment increase your range, power, and speed.

2. Increase the Field of View and Sensitivity

field view settings poerwash simulator

Press the Menu button on your Xbox controller (Esc on PC) to open the Tablet. Click the hamburger menu on the top-left corner and select Options. Under the Generals tab, increase the field of view for a wider sight and mouse or controller cursor sensitivity for faster aiming.

The game’s aiming is slow, and the field of view is limited. However, by increasing them in the settings, you could move your gun much faster and have a better map view to plan the next move.

3. Turn On Crosshair Dirt Details

PowerWash is an accurate simulator differentiating between dirt types. 

Turning on the crosshair dirt detail in the Generals’ menu lets you see the grimes’ names to decide what nozzle to use accordingly.

For example, the 40-Degree Nozzle (the white one) is powerful enough to clean mud. But it’s too weak to deal with lichen.

The dirt detail option is particularly helpful in the Best Water Challenge Mode because it allows you to choose the right nozzle before wasting any water and, therefore, score higher.

4. Get Down to Find the Last 1% of Dirt

motorbike powerwash simulator

Most of the time, you are stuck at 99% in location jobs, wandering around the map to find that one last percent of the surviving dirt. And that’s unnecessarily time-consuming—especially when trying to beat PowerWash faster.

If the map looks clean and you can’t find the remaining grime, just get down. Press the RSB (right stick) to crouch or crawl and observe beneath the surface materials.

Rooftops and higher grounds are also other places that you shouldn’t dismiss. So, pick up the ladder—if there’s any around—or jump on the walls to check if the tops are clean.

5. Do Special Jobs First

If you’re new to PowerWash Simulator, get the Special jobs done as soon as possible. These missions, on average, pay you more than Career Mode jobs which could help you buy better equipment and beat the game as quickly as possible.

Bonus Tips for Finishing the Missions Faster

special jobs powerwash simulator

Don’t play the Special Mode jobs with friends. Although PowerWash Simulator’s multiplayer is quite fun, it reduces your pay to 25% of the total earnings. So, make at least $3,000 on your own by playing the Career Mode and Specials before hopping into other players’ games.

Don’t buy any Clothing or Modifications. The Shop has a bunch of cool items like gloves and gun skins. But none of them improves your power washer. Avoid the accessories and save money to upgrade your gear instead.

Quick Recap

  • Prioritize buying the Prime Vista 3000 Extra Long Extension, Prime Vista Soap Nozzle, and soaps.
  • Go to the Options in the Tablet Menu and increase your field of view and mouse/controller sensitivity for faster movement and better sight.
  • Turn on crosshair dirt details to choose the perfect nozzle for each surface.
  • Always get down and check beneath each item for dirt.
  • Finish Special jobs first because they pay you more money for shorter missions.
  • Avoid buying accessories that don’t affect the gameplay unless you have extra cash.