How To Beat The Skrendrel Brother in High On Life

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The Skrendel Bros, the three legless jocks, oversee the G3 cartel laboratory.

You hunt them before or after beating Douglas in Dreg Town.

Your first encounter with each brother is awkward.

They run away after a short battle.

But when you enter the Skrendel Think Tank, the three brothers link, forming the Bro-Tron. That’s when the actual boss fight begins.

Don’t let their creepy looks fool you, though. Beating the Skrendrel Brothers is easy-peasy.

This guide explains where to find the Skendrel Brothers and how to take them down fast.

How to Reach the Skrendel Labs?

Skrendel Brothers reside in Zephyr Paradise, where you killed Krubis

Get past the Mushroom Valley and launch on the other side using the Splatform. 

Zipline across the sludge river and ride the elevator to the Skrendel Labs.

Inside, follow the grunts to find Creature, your new Gatlin weapon. 

(You need him to beat the mission.)

How to Defeat the Skrendel Bros?

To beat the Skrendel Brothers, fight each individually until they form the Bro-Tron. 

Trap them with Sweezy’s Trick Hole Shot (Time Bubble) and spray them with her explosive crystals

Repeat the attack until the bros separate and die.

Here are the steps you need to take to beat the Skendrel Brothers in High On Life:

  • Release the Hookbug with Creature’s Children (RT/R2).
  • Avoid Bro-Tron’s attacks with Knifey’s tether (LB/L2).
  • Use Sweezy’s Time Bubble to slow them down (RB/R1).
  • Shoot them with explosive crystals (RT/R2 with Sweezy).
  • Repeat until they fall apart and die.

Read on for a more extensive guide with pro tips.

Step 1. Release The Hookbugs

Staying in the air saves you from all Bro-Tron attacks.

But you need a hook to latch on to.

Shoot one of Creature’s Children into the hive on the wall to release a Hookbug.

If tethering is not your thing, here are other dodging alternatives:

  • Toxic sludge tornadoes: Position yourself between the gaps.
  • Bouncing sludge balls: Blow them up with Kenny.
  • Sludge waves: Press and hold A (X on PlayStation) to float.
  • Physical attack: Dash your way out of the way. (B/circle).

Step 2: Trap the Bro-Tron in Time Bubble.

When linked, the Skrendel Bros are slow.

Catch them with a Time Bubble—Sweezy’s Trick Hole Shot—and blast them while stunned.

Sweezy’s explosive crystals are the best shot to kill the Skrendel Brothers.

Step 3: Ambush the Separated Brother with Creature.

If you inflict enough damage, the Bro-Tron splits up.

Equip Creature and shoot his Children at the isolated brother.

While the Children beat him up, stun the other two with the Glob Shot.

Send out more of Creature’s Children so that all three brothers are ambushed.

Do the same a couple of times to beat the Skrendel Bros for good.

What’s Next After Beating The Skrendrel Brothers?

Since the Skrendels don’t have Gatlians, beating them won’t grant you a new gun. 

But you earn a trophy—or achievement—called “Who’s the Boss?”

The Bounty: Skrendel Bros ends when you turn in their DNA using Bounty 5000.

You should prepare to beat Dr Giblet or an even deadlier bounty target.