How to Beat 9-Torg in High on Life? (Guide)

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9-Torg is High on Life’s first boss fight, a bounty target. 

You learn about her after Gene—the homeless Bounty Hunter—sets up Bounty 5000 at your house. 

She’s a small-time local gangster who’s stolen a talking knife, Knifey.

Your mission is to locate, kill her, and bring back evidence of death and the knife.

This guide is an easy step-by-step to beating 9-Torg.

Let’s make it happen.

Where Do You Find 9-Torg?

9-Torg resides in the Blim City Slums, an underground area filled with sludge.

To find her, follow the path to your home’s left until you reach a gated pathway.

Talk to the gatekeepers and convince them to let you in.

Go down the tunnels, kill the Ant Goones, and talk to the lonely fisherman.

Ask him where to find 9-Torg and make your way to the laundromat—the building called Bubble Buds.

Inside the laundromat, talk to the two sellers and lie about being a buyer. Steal Knifey, grapple your way out of the room, and swing across the sludge.

You’ll find 9-Torg behind the last gate.

How to Beat 9-Torg?

Beating 9-Torg is straightforward: dodge her bullets and stun her with the Glob Shot.

Stay away from the green substance and keep shooting her with Kenny until she gives up.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing so.  

Step 1: Dodge Her Purple Bullets.

Using her laser gun, 9-Torg blasts a purple ray cluster. Position yourself in the gaps to avoid them and shoot her.

Don’t hide behind the boxes because you’ll need them in the following stages.

(The laser clusters are slow enough to dodge).

Step 2: Escape the Sludge by Latching onto the Hookbugs.

Once you finish 9-Torg’s first stage, she sinks the platform. Use Knifey’s tether ability on the flying bugs when this happens. (Jump towards the creatures and press LB; L1 on PlayStation.)

Your goal should be to stay in the air until the platform shows up again.

Don’t fight her in the air because you might fall and die.

Step 3: Dodge 9-Torg’s Laser and Stun Her with the Glob Shot.

During the third stage, 9-Torg wavers a green laser.

You have three options to dodge it:

  1. Jump over the lowest point.
  2. Stay under the highest point.
  3. Hind behind the boxes.

She lands on the platform shortly after each laser attack.

This is when you must shoot her with the Glob Shot—RB on Xbox and R1 on PlayStation.

The Glob Shot stuns her for a while, giving you a counterattack opportunity.

Step 4: Stay in the Air Until She Dies.

Predicting her defeat, 9-Torg starts blasting purple beams to take you down.

Again, latch on to the bugs to dodge them.

If you stay in the air for long enough, she smashes to the ground and dies.

And that’s how you beat 9-Torg.

Step 5: Pick a Bounty Evidence and Leave.

Get on top of the 9-Torg’s body and press the RS button (R3 on PlayStation) to grab a piece of evidence.

Finally, open the tunnel gate to your right and go back home.

The first mission ends when you put evidence in Bounty 5000 and confirm the kill.

What Happens When You Kill 9-Torg?

After turning in the first bounty target, 9-Torg, you unlock an achievement called First Bounty Down.

You also get to choose the next bounty hunt. The options are defeating Krubis or Douglas. (Choose wisely.)