How to Beat Krubis in High on Life? (Walkthrough)

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Krubis is one of the first G3 heads you must take out in High on Life.

A drill-head maniac, Krubis oversees the cartel mines, the dens where they produce the sentient drug (frugle).

Depending on your choice, he could be the second or third boss fight after beating 9-Torg. He’s not a “tough dog,” though.

You can defeat Krubis quickly.

For more convenience, this guide gives you his exact coordination and teaches you the best battle strategy.

Where to Find Him?

To find Krubis, save the Moplets in Jungle Overlook, and talk to their king. Then, take the Warp Remote from Ranchey Dularmor, the guy in the mansion.

Finally, obtain an empty warp disk, encode Krubis’ location on it, and swap Ranchey’s house with his.

How to Defeat Krubis?

The best way to beat Krubis is to use his disks against him.

Press RS whenever he throws a burning disk at you. This will shoot the plate back and stun him. Repeat the process to drain his health and kill him.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to defeating him.

Step 1: Stay in the Air and Stun Him with the Glob Shot.

Krubis’ first attacks are fiery disks and shotgun shots.

Avoid his blasts by latching on to the hookbugs, the flying creatures.

Using his drill head, Krubis hides under the ground. Be patient.

Wait for opportunities to shoot him with the GlobShot—RB on Xbox, R1 on PlayStation.

The Glob Shot will stun him, breaking his armor for a few seconds.

For the most damage, empty the clip on him and follow up with two stabs. (Kenny and Knifey’s combination is ideal for this battle.)

💡 Note: Krubis leaves a purplish substance behind him when he drills. Those are mine-like explosives. Stay away from them.

Step 2: Kill the Cartel Guys and Refill Your Shield

After working on him for a while, Krubis gets behind an invisible wall. But he ambushes you with alien soldiers.

Use this brief section to grab the Durashield Pickups and refill your armor.

You might have to repeat this stage twice before the third one begins.

Step 3: Avoid the Lasers and Hit Krubis with His Disks

Toward the end of the boss fight, Krubis shoots laser-led missiles.

Stay low and get behind the rocks to dodge the lasers.

Latching on to the hookbugs is not a good idea at this stage.

Once the missiles are gone, stand in front of Krubis and wait for his disks. Press the RS button (R3 on PlayStation) to hit the plates back.

You can strike him multiple times with one disk —almost like a Tennis game.

Repeat the action until he gives up the ghost.

How to Kill Quentin the Grentinl in the Krubis Mission?

Quentin the Grentinl is a yellow creature who annoys you by beating his gums. To kill him, use Gus’ vacuum ability—LB on Xbox, L2 on PlayStation.

Suck him in and shoot him in the face.

(It’s a relieving experience.)

How to Get Back Home After Killing Krubis?

Using Gus’ disk shot (RB/R1), create platforms to jump on and exit the den. Release the zipline. Cross the river with Knifey’s tether ability (LB/L1).

Finally, enter the purple portal to go back home.

What Happens When You Defeat Krubis?

Beating the Krubis boss fight grants you an achievement, Cold-Blooded Driller.

Plus, you get a new gun, Gus, which is a 3-in-one weapon.

It vacuums nearby enemies, shoots shotgun shells, and throws wall-attaching disks. Once you turn Krubis in, you fight the next bounty target, Douglas.