How To Get Kudosh In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

how to get kudosh in two point campus
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Kudosh is one of the three currencies in Two Point Campus—the other two being dollar and Course Points.

Here, you learn how to earn more of this valuable currency and put it to clever use—the easy way!

5 Ways to Earn More Kudosh

The game is not generous with Kudosh, and although it gives you some each school year, you need much more to raise the campus level.

Sounds disappointing? Don’t worry.

The following steps help you earn extra Kudosh and up your college faster:

1. Hold Contests

event setup two point campus

Book contests in the Timetable menu to earn extra Kudosh.

Campus Cook-Off is one of the events that reward you 4 Kudosh—as well as $2,000 in cash.

If you don’t know how to hold contests, read our guide on booking events in Two Point Campus.

💡 Pro Tip: Don’t hold events when the students’ schedules are busy. Otherwise, they get tired and fail the courses.

2. Impress the Prospective Students During the Open Days

messages two point campus

You earn 10+ Kudosh for every successful open day.

Open days are when a group of prospective students visits your college to decide if you’re the right school for them.

You cannot control the open days. But keeping your students and staff happy and increasing campus attractiveness doubles your chances of nailing new students—and getting more Kudosh.

3. Keep the Campus High-Performing to Win Awards

high performing two point campus

The happiness, grades, and success rate of students—and staff—determine the extra Kudosh you deserve.

By improving campus performance, you could win awards, such as Campus of the Year, King of Hearts, and Queen of Clubs, which reward you with at least 10 Kudosh.

Things you can do to win end-of-year awards:

  • Send tired staff on a break.
  • Send weak-performing students to private tutoring.
  • Give your employees a raise every year.
  • Build clubs and hold parties to boost the students’ morale.
  • Help students achieve their personal goals.
  • Create and maintain clean dorms, bathrooms, and toilets.
  • Provide healthy food for staff and students.

4. Complete the Objectives and Challenges

challenge completed two point campus

Completing the objectives and optional challenges gives you career stars, which in return, grant extra Kudosh.

If you can’t see the list of objectives, click the arrow next to the suitcase icon in the top-right corner.  

Getting objectives and challenges done is the slowest way to make Kudosh. But it’s also the most lucrative because it rewards you with 200+ Kudosh.

5. Collect Career Goals’ Kudosh Points

career hub two point campus

Click the suitcase icon in the top-right corner and claim the earned Kudosh from the finished objectives.

‘Career Goals’ is a list of tasks that take longer to complete, such as earning $1,000,000 off dormitory rents.

You can pin a career objective to finish it faster. But it’s crucial to claim your rewards manually because, unlike other challenges, the Kudosh doesn’t transfer to your account automatically.

Tips on Spending Your Kudosh Effectively

Kudosh is hard to get but easy to lose.

Have the following tips in mind to never go Kudosh-less:

Buy Items That Improve Students’ Learning.

buy items two point campus

Specific pieces of equipment like the VR Projector increase students’ learning speed.

Invest in unlocking educational items first so you progress faster.

Prioritize Special Items for More Attractiveness.

Rugs, posters, and flags are good customization choices. But special items are even better. Invest your Kudosh in unlocking them in advance.

Note: Special items are decorative objects that are available in specific rooms and increase their attractiveness more than casual furniture. 

Some examples are the Dorm Noticeboard, the Giant Library Reception, and the Double Jump Bed.

Here’s a Quick Recap

To get Kudosh in Two Point Campus:

  • Hold contests like Campus Cook-Off.
  • Impress prospective students and get more applicants.
  • Improve your campus performance to win awards.
  • Complete star objectives and optional challenges.
  • Collect the Kudosh points in the Career Goals Menu.