How To Help Failing Students In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

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Keeping students happy, providing better teachers and classrooms, and ensuring they can complete self-study assignments and private tuition helps failing students.

Here’s how to help failing students in Two Point Campus!

5 Ways to Support Low-Performing Students

Follow these steps to up the graduation rate:

1. Boost Students’ Mood

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Happier students are less likely to fail.

To elevate students’ moods, address their three primary needs: happiness, lifestyle, and environment.

Happiness: Provide healthy foods and drinks, clean restrooms and dormitories, and entertaining events to make your students happy.

Lifestyle: Enhance accommodation, build more clubs, lower tuition fees, throw parties, host events, and allow healthy relationships to improve students’ lifestyles.

Environment: Increase room attractiveness and prestige and keep the temperature comfortable to satisfy students’ environmental needs.

2. Hire Teachers with Better Skills

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Employ educators with at least 80% “Teaching Skill” to reduce the students’ failure rate.

The numbers on each teacher’s profile indicate their Teaching Skill. The higher the number, the better the teacher.

Hire ones with 3+ skill points for better results.

💡 Pro Tip: Assign low-skilled teachers to private tuition rooms to make the most of them. Don’t know how? Learn how to assign staff in Two Point Campus.

3. Build High-Prestige Classrooms

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Help failing students by improving room prestige.

High-prestige classrooms, dorms, libraries, toilets, and bathrooms elevate students’ moods, eventually increasing their grades.

Adding decorative items, customizing the walls or floors, and increasing room size contribute to higher prestige scores.

4. Send Students with Low Grades to Private Tuition

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Private tuition is a grade booster for failing students.

Go to Personal Management, open the “students” tab, click on a low-performing student, and turn on private tuition under their profile. (It’s the chalkboard icon).

5. Add More Assistants and Equipment to the Libraries

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Self-study assignments enhance students’ grades, preventing them from failing.

To help the students with self-study:

  • Increase the number of assistants in each library.
  • Unlock pieces of equipment that improve Learning Power.

What to do if there’s no hope for a failing student?

The best way to deal with ever-failing students is to expel them.

Open the student tab in the Personal Management menu, click their name, and select the garbage can to expel them.

Be mindful that expelling too many students decreases overall happiness and stops you from raising the campus level. So, use it at your own risk.

How to Ensure You’ll Have Less Failing Students?

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Decrease the student intake and tuition fees to minimize academic failure.

In the Course Management menu, click the tiny gear on top of each course, and lower the intake and tuition so that the Learning Rate is 100% or above.

💡 Suggested: Learn how to upgrade courses in Two Point Campus.

Quick Recap

To help failing students:

  • Boost your students’ moods by addressing their essential and environmental needs.
  • Hire teachers with at least 3 Teaching Skill points.
  • Increase room prestige for classrooms, libraries, and dorms.
  • Provide low-performing students with private tuition.
  • Increase the number of assistants in the libraries.