How To Increase Attractiveness In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

how to increase attractiveness in two point campus
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You can increase campus attractiveness by placing decorative items in rooms, classes, and gardens.

2 Effective Ways to Increase Room Attractiveness

Rugs, flags, posters, and paintings are among the pieces of furniture that enhance environment and prestige. But customizations like wall or floor colors don’t affect it.

Here are the two easiest ways to boost attractiveness in Two Point Campus.

Add Decorative Items to Rooms

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Select a room, click “Add Items to Room” (the chair icon), and open the “Decorative” tab. Hover over the items to see the descriptions and get ones that say, “Increase Attractiveness.”

Each decoration adds 5-8% to the overall attractiveness and help raise the campus level as well. 

ItemAttractiveness Boost
Exclusive items8% or more

Note that some items take up large spaces and you might have to increase the room capacity before getting them. 

Enhance the Campus Exterior

enhance exterior

To enhance the exterior, click the tree icon in the bottom-left corner, unlock gardens, benches, statues, hedges, and fountains, and place a few outside the campus.

Go for exotic pieces like Love Bench because not only will they improve the overall attractiveness, but they will also help students develop friendships.

Tips to Increase Campus Attractiveness Faster

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With the following tips, you can beautify the campus quickly—and cheaply. 

Don’t over-decorate.

Don’t drain your budget by overloading the place with pieces of furniture.

Instead, use the Visualization menu to see which areas need enhancement.

Click the eye icon on the bottom of the screen and select the pink flower to turn on the “Attractiveness View.” Now, place more items in the gray areas and don’t spend much on the green ones.

Match the item to the purpose. 

Buying the right items for rooms grants extra attractiveness points.

For example, you get an 8% improvement by hanging the Chef Poster in a student lounge. But the same poster gives you only a 4% boost in, say, bathrooms.  

Prioritize buying exclusive furniture.

Several facilities and buildings have unique decorative items which come with additional attractiveness points. Invest your extra Kudosh in unlocking them ASAP.

Best exclusive items:

  • Library: Giant Library Reception.
  • Dormitory: Dorm Noticeboard, Bedside Table, Drawer, and Double Jump Bed.
  • Bathroom: Toilet, Soap, and Phone Poster.

💡 Pro Tip: If you don’t have enough money, decorate the campus with windows, flowers, and bins.

TL;DR? Here’s a Recap

To increase attractiveness in Two Point Campus:

Place a few decorative items (e.g., rugs and posters) in each room and hall.

Buy benches, gardens, fountains, and flowers to ornament the campus exterior.

Use the “Visualization” menu (the eye icon) to see which areas need decoration.

Invest in exclusive pieces of furniture to boost attractiveness faster.