How To Increase & Decrease Room Capacity In Two Point Campus

how to increase room capacity in two point campus
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Room capacity in Two Point Campus is directly related to size. The bigger a room is, the more people it holds.

You can increase the capacity by adding blocks and decrease it by removing them.

Here’s a quick guide on how to increase and decrease room capacity in Two Point Campus.

Add Blocks to Increase Room Capacity

add blocks in two point campus

To increase a room’s capacity in Two Point Campus:

  • Select the building.
  • Go to “Edit Room.”
  • Pick the “Add” tool on the top-left corner. (It’s a trowel next to a plus icon).
  • Specify how many blocks you want to add.
  • Click the checkmark on top to finalize the build.

An increased capacity lets you schedule and host events with more students, which helps make more money.

💡 Pro Tip: Add at least three blocks to a room and finish the edit. Then, edit the room again and remove two of them. This trick allows you to up a room’s capacity with one block—which is otherwise impossible.  

Subtract Blocks to Decrease the Capacity

subtract blocks in two point campus

Room capacity decreases as you shrink the size.

  • Select the building you want to change.
  • Go to the “Edit Room” menu.
  • Pick the “Subtract” tool. (It’s a shovel next to a minus).
  • Specify the blocks you want to delete.
  • Click the checkmark on top when the blocks turn yellow.

Note: Lowering the capacity of dormitories is one way to increase room attractiveness and prestige. But overdoing it slows down the progression and level-up.

How to Delete a Room Entirely?

how to delete room in two point campus

Selling a room in Two Point Campus removes it. To do so, click the build, select the dollar sign from the side menu and confirm the sale. You can also use the Subtract tool to delete a room block by block.  

How Many Blocks Should You Add to Increase Capacity?

Typically, adding three blocks to a room increases the capacity by one.

But that only works for non-academic buildings. You cannot change any course’s capacity by blocks.

💡 Suggested: Learn how to raise the campus level.

Quick Recap

  • Increase room capacity by adding blocks: Select the building > go to “Edit Room” > Pick the trowel tool and enlarge the build.
  • Shrink capacity by removing blocks: Select the building > go to “Edit Room” > Pick the shovel tool and bulldoze blocks. 
  • If you want to delete a build, click the Sell Tool (the dollar sign) on the side menu.