How To Make Staff Happy In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

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Staff happiness increases as you raise salaries, satisfy essential needs, and enhance rooms’ prestige.

By making your staff happy, you decrease the number of failing students and raise the campus level faster.

The following are the best ways to keep your employees cheerful.

1.  Improve Staff Room Prestige

improve staff room prestige

A high-prestige staff room accelerates energy regain, keeping your personnel energized and happy.

Enhance the prestige by increasing attractiveness. Add chairs, sofas, TVs, and vending machines to the room.

2. Raise Staff Salary

raise staff salary two point campus

Well-paying jobs boost happiness.

Manage the staff pay in the Campus Overview section. Ensure the payments meet the expectations—and raise them when possible.

You have three ways to fulfill the staff’s career goals:

Give unsatisfied workers a raise.

Select an unhappy employee’s avatar, increase their salary by adjusting the bar under their name, and click the checkmark to confirm the payment.

Increase staff salary by 1% per year

Open the Policies tab in Campus Overview and click “Pay All Staff a 1% Salary Increase.”

Pay more than expected

One way to make staff happy is by exceeding their expectations. You can adjust the payments for teachers, janitors, and assistants in the Policies tab in the Campus Overview.

3. Lower the Need Threshold for Staff Break

staff breaks two point campus

“Need Threshold” indicates when your workers take a break. By lowering the threshold, you ensure they get enough rest before wearing out.

To manage the Need Threshold, go to the Policies tab in the Campus Overview.

Note that raising the threshold means the staff will take frequent breaks. So, don’t go beyond 35% unless the teacher-student ratio allows it.

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4. Take Care of Their Needs

take care of staff needs two point campus

Staff members have basic needs like food, drink, hygiene, and entertainment. Meeting these needs makes them happy and keeps them satisfied.

  • Build staff-exclusive bathrooms and toilets.
  • Place hand sanitizers and recycle bins in the staff rooms.
  • Buy tea and snack tables for the personnel.

What Happens if You Don’t Make Staff Happy?

You receive Resignation Warnings, and some staff members leave the campus for good.

Be mindful that unhappy employees lower the graduation rate, leading to campus bankruptcy.

If that’s already a concern in your campus, learn how to help failing students here

Quick Recap

To make staff happy in Two Point Campus:

  • Enhance staff room prestige by adding items.
  • Raise the staff salary each year by at least 1%.
  • Lower the Need Threshold, so the employees take frequent breaks.
  • Take care of basic needs like food, drink, hygiene, and toilet.