How To Play Powerwash Simulator Multiplayer

how to play powerwash simulator multiplayer
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PowerWash Simulator’s multiplayer is super-fun. It lets you beat jobs with others or play mini-games with friends.

To join the fun, turn on the co-op option in the pause menu (Tablet) after starting a mission or select “join a player’s co-op game.”

Sounds confusing? Here’s a simplified guide to playing FuturLab’s new game online.

PowerWash Co-Op with Friends Only

A “Friends Only” game is a job you start with players who have the game on the same platform, whether it’s Xbox or Windows.

You can invite 1 to 5 players to each mission and beat the game faster with their help. 

💡 Suggested: Learn how to quickly spot dirt when playing with your friends. 

How to Host a Game

host game powerwash simulator

Follow these steps to host a multiplayer job—with up to 6 players—in PowerWash Sim:

  • Start a mission.
  • Press the pause button (Esc on PC).
  • Select “FRIENDS ONLY.”
  • Turn on the CO-OP option next to it.
  • Invite friends to join your game. 

How to Join A Multiplayer Game

join multiplayer game powerwash simulator

To join a FRIENDS ONLY game in PowerWash Simulator:

  • Select one of the multiplayer modes.
  • Choose “Join” next to your friend’s name.

💡 Note: After joining a game, you can only use the host’s equipment  

PowerWash Cross-Play 

If one or more of your friends plays the game on a different platform, you have to connect through the crossplay option.

How to Host a Game

To host a crossplay game in PowerWash Simulator:

  • Start a multiplayer mission in any mode except for “Challenges.”
  • Press the pause button.
  • On the top-left corner, select “FRIENDS ONLY” and change it to “CROSSPLAY.”
  • Toggle the CO-OP options next to it.
  • Click INVITE FRIENDS and share the Room Code with other players.

How to Join a Game

powerwash simluator join game

To join a CROSSPLAY game in PowerWash Simulator:

  • Enter the Room Code and choose “Join.”

Adding Friends in PowerWash Simulator

The game automatically imports your friends’ list to multiplayer. So, to add another player as a friend, add them to your Steam, or Xbox Live.

Inviting Friends to a Multiplayer Game

inviting powerwash simulator

Co-Op is only available when you start a mission. So, to invite friends, start a job in Career, Specials, or Free Play Modes, press the pause button and click “INVITE FRIENDS.”

💡 Note: You cannot invite other players unless you turn on the Co-Op option.

Getting a Room Code

You should either ask the host for a Room Code or become a host to get it. As a host, you can see your Room Code by selecting the INVITE FRIENDS option after turning on the CROSSPLAY co-op mode.

Game Modes that Support Multiplayer

In PowerWash Simulator, 3 game modes support co-op and crossplay multiplayer: Career Mode (up to 2 players), Specials (up to 6 players), and Free Play (up to 6 players). The only mode that doesn’t support online play is the “Challenge Mode.”

Multiplayer Errors

PowerWash Sim multiplayer is not in Beta anymore. However, it still suffers from server issues and network errors. In case of a crash or bug, restart the game or report the issue to the developers. For more info, visit the Known Issues and Workarounds.

Here’s a Quick Recap

  • If you want to play PowerWash with friends, start a job > press the pause button > toggle on the Co-Op option > click INVITE FRIENDS.
  • To join a friend’s room, select “JOIN A PLAYER’S CO-OP GAME.”
  • To create a cross-platform game, start a mission > click the dropdown menu on the top-left corner > select “CROSSPLAY > toggle on Co-Op > and INVITE FRIENDS.
  • You need a Room Code to host or join a CROSSPLAY job.