How To Prestige In For Honor (The Easy Way)

how to prestige in for honor
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In For Honor, you achieve Reputation, also called Prestige, after maxing out a character.

Here’s a simplified guide on how to do so.

Terms to Know in Advance

  • Reputation: Also known as Prestige, Reputation is an in-game ranking that appears after reaching level 21 in For Honor.  
  • XP: The points you earn by playing multiplayer games and completing objectives are known as XP. 26,550 XP equals Prestige 1.
  • Level: The basic ranking system in For Honor is called Level (also LVL). It starts from 0 and reaches 20 at max.

How to Prestige or Get Reputation 1 in For Honor?

for honor level up

To Prestige in For Honor, you should max out a hero to level 21. It requires 26,550 XP points which you can gain by playing multiplayer modes or completing the Orders. Currently, the highest Reputation is 70, which unlocks after getting 2,277,000 XP.

How to Prestige Faster

for honor champion status

On average, you earn 300-500 XP per a 15-min multiplayer match. So, you need to log about 15 hours of online gameplay for each Reputation. That’s a lot.

But there’s a faster—and more efficient—way to Prestige in For Honor. Here’s what to do:

Buy Champion Status.

Get yourself a Champion Status by paying 2000 Steels in the game’s Social > Profile menu. It’s an XP boost that lasts at least for 3 days, increasing your XP gain by 25% for a quicker level-up.

Play Dominion.

Among all the online modes in For Honor, Dominion grants the most XP. On average, you can get 400 points in every winning match, which would help Prestige faster.

Complete Contract Orders.

Contract Orders are in-game objectives in multiplayer matches that grant up to 2,000 XP. Although the list resets every two days, getting the challenges done would boost your Prestige. 

What Happens When You Prestige?

for honor experience gear

Unlike games like CoD, your progress won’t reset when you earn a Reputation in For Honor. What happens is that you get better gears (blue and purple) as well as a guaranteed new item in every pack you buy at Scavenger Gear.

💡 Pro Tip: don’t open item packs before reaching Reputation 3 because that’s when you’re guaranteed to get purple gear.

Here’s a Quick Recap

  • Reputation and Prestige are the same.
  • You can Prestige in For Honor by earning 26,550 XP in multiplayer.
  • You can Prestige faster by buying Champion Status, completing Contract Orders, and playing Dominion.
  • You don’t lose your progress after reaching Reputation 1.