How To Quickly Find Dirt In Power Wash Simulator (The Easy Way)

how to quickly find dirt on powerwash simulator
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It’s tricky to find dirt in some jobs.

You spend hours cleaning an area but get stuck at 99% completion. And it’s just annoying, especially when trying to beat PowerWash Simulator faster.

Where did the last 1% go? The following is a guide to finding it quickly.

Can’t Find Dirt? Here’s What to Do

Pressing left on the D-Pad or Tab on the keyboard shows you dirty areas. But it only works for surfaces you can see, the visible 99% of the map.

For the hidden dirt or the last 1%, you should turn on crosshair dirt details and get on your knees. 

Get Down and Check Beneath the Surfaces

motorbike powerwash simulator

You can’t find dirt in PowerWash Sim because you haven’t checked the bottom of objects, vehicles, or pieces of furniture.

Press the RBS button (Ctrl on PC) to crouch or prone and clean the underside of every surface.

💡 Pro Tip: Use Cleaning Liquids or soaps because they are more likely to reach underneath targets.

Turn on Crosshair Dirt Detail in the Settings

crosshair powerwash simulator

Press the Menu button (Esc on PC) and select Options. Under Generals, toggle on Crosshair Dirt Details, so you see the unclean areas when pointing your power washer at them.

With the dirt details on, each surface’s HP appears next to your aim. So, you can walk around the map, point your gun at different objects, and spot the remaining grime. 

Bonus Tips

Whether playing PowerWash Simulator’s multiplayer or solo, it’s challenging to find that one last percent of grime.

So, use the following tips to outsmart the game.

Don’t neglect ladders and stools

Pressing down on the D-Pad (F on PC) allows you to pick up and move ladders, stools, and other objects. Use it to your advantage.

Place ladders and stools in strategic areas where you can get a better view of the map.

Get to the rooftops or higher grounds and press left on the D-Pad (Tab on PC) to see the remaining dirt.

Increase your Field of View

In the game’s Options, under Camera, widen your field of view to 80 degrees or more.

A wider field of view means you can see larger chunks of the map, increasing the chances of finding hidden dirt.

The Takeaways

  • You can’t find dirt in PowerWash Sim because you’re not checking underneath objects or surfaces.
  • Press the RBS button (Ctrl on PC) to crouch or prone and clean the remaining dirt underneath.
  • Turn on crosshair dirt details to see the unclean areas next to your aim.