How To Raise Campus Level In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

how to raise campus level in two point campus
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Like with most city-building simulators, there are several ways to increase your level in Two Point Campus. 

Here are the most effective ways on how to raise campus level in Two Point Campus.

5 Ways to Boost the Campus Level

According to the game, you must “Expand the campus with more rooms, staff, and students to increase Campus Level.” 

Additionally, you can enhance the campus attractiveness or gain student XPs for the same effect. 

The following are 5 easy steps to doing so. 

1. Build Rooms

build rooms in two point campus

Extra classrooms, labs, libraries, and dorms raise your level.

To build rooms:

  • Click the “Build” button (hammer icon) on the bottom-left. 
  • Select the type of room or facility.
  • Determine the size by drawing squares on the floor.
  • Place necessary items like doors.
  • Click the checkmark on top to finalize the build.

💡 Pro Tip: Prioritize creating academic rooms like labs and libraries because they extend the campus capacity. 

2. Hire Staff

hire staff in two point campus

The number of employees is tied with the campus level. 

To hire more teachers, assistants, and janitors:

  • Click the “Hire Staff” button next to the tree icon.
  • Choose the type of employee.
  • Select one of the applicants.
  • Click the checkmark to hire them. 
  • Drag and drop them in the desired building.

Note that more workers equal higher monthly expenses. Be careful not to surpass the budget. 

3. Get More Students

get more students in two point campus

Acquiring more students accelerates level-up. 

You have two ways to invite students to your college:

Approving applicants after the open days. 

Prospective students inspect your campus on specific days and might apply to study there. Accept their requests in the inbox to grow your business. 

Upgrading a course.

The course capacity increases every time you up its level, maximizing the number of students in classes. 

4. Level Up Students

level up students in two point campus

Scholars gain experience as they pass courses. But you get an extra boost for your campus level every time they level up.

To help the students gain XP faster:

  • Keep them happy by scheduling events and creating better facilities.
  • Use Kudosh to unlock educational equipment.
  • Help them achieve their personal goals.
  • Provide them with private tutoring. 

5. Enhance Rooms’ Prestige

High-prestige buildings raise your campus level.

Improve a room’s prestige by:

  • Increasing the size.
  • Adding more items.
  • Customizing the walls and floors.

💡 Pro Tip: Click the eye icon (Visualizer) and select the attractiveness filter, the pink flower. It shows which areas lack attractiveness and need refinement.

What Happens When You Level Up the Campus?

level up campus

You earn Course Points that enable upgrades. By upgrading the courses, you increase class capacity, make more money, and eventually raise your campus level even further. 

Here’s a Quick Recap

This is how to raise campus level in Two Point Campus:

  • – Hiring fresh staff.
  • – Building rooms.
  • – Educating more students.
  • – Leveling up individual students.
  • – Improving room attractiveness.