How To Schedule & Host Events In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

how to schedule and host events in two point campus
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Here’s a quick guide to scheduling parties and contests in your college.

Events are necessary to lift students’ spirits and raise the campus level in Two Point Campus

There are two ways to set up your own: Scheduling an event for a particular building or setting it up on the Timetable. 

Setting Up Room-Specific Events

set up room specific events two point campus

To schedule a party or competition in a building:

  • Select the room you want to hold the event in.
  • Click “Setup an Event.” (The checkmark icon inside a calendar).
  • Choose the type of event.
  • Check the requirements and proceed to book the event. 

Note: If you don’t indicate a specific date, the event will be held in the next available month. 

Scheduling Events for a Date

two point campus timetable

If you want to decide the time of an event:

  • Click the Course Management Menu.
  • Go to the Timetable.
  • Choose a room or facility.
  • Pick a date. 
  • Specify the type of event.
  • Schedule the time and then click “Book Event.”

The Timetable shows which periods are ideal for parties and contests. But avoid overloading the schedule with events because it would affect students’ performance. 

Different Types of Events in Two Point Campus 

event setup two point campus

There are two types of events in the game: Entertainment and Contest. One pays you cash, the other helps you earn extra Kudosh.


SU Party and Funny Film are among the entertaining events in Two Point Campus. They do not reward you with Kudosh but holding them grants cash prizes. 


Contests like Campus Cook-Off are usually held in classrooms and cost more than parties, but they come with bigger prizes—and Kudosh. 

List of Early-Game Events

The following are the eight main events in Two Point Campus.

Campus Cook-OffContest
County Cook-OffContest
Funny FilmEntertainment
Romantic FilmEntertainment
Student Lounge PartyEntertainment
SU PartyEntertainment
Ripped ChordsEntertainment
DJ Sue ChefEntertainment

What if the “Create New Event” Doesn’t Work?

Complete the objectives in Pizza Lanatra to activate the Create New Event button. Otherwise, it won’t work. 

After getting your first career star at Freshleigh Meadows, head back to the map and select Pizza Lanatra. Finish the tasks that DJ Sue Chef gives you until you unlock Student Union and start “A Party (in Your Mouth).” That’s when you can hold events in all your colleges. 

Quick Recap

You have two ways to create an event in Two Point Campus:

  • Select a building > Click “Setup an Event” > Choose the type > Proceed to “Book Event.”
  • Open the Timetable in the Course Management menu > Select a room > Choose the date > Click “Schedule Event.”