How To Start A Club In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

how to start a club in two point campus
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Starting a club in Two Point Campus is easy: Complete the first year at Pizza Lanatra, unlock and place a club stand on the campus, and recruit students.

Sounds complicated? Here’s the walk-through on how to start a club in Two Point Campus!

Start Your Club in 4 Simple Steps

Clubs are an excellent way to get students to socialize and raise the campus level.

Here’s how to build yours:

1.  Unlock Club Stands at Pizza Lanatra

unlock club stands

Clubs are unavailable when you start the game at Freshleigh Meadows. They unlock once you enter Pizza Lanatra and complete the initial year.

Get the tasks done at Pizza Lanatra until Club Sandwich shows up. He will let you know what Clubs are and how to start your own.

List of Clubs you can unlock:

ClubGameplay Effect
The Power-Nap ClubEnergy recovery
The Speed Walking ClubSpeed boost
The Nature ClubAttractiveness enhancement
The Orb ClubDonation increase
The Book ClubLearning improvement

2. Buy a Club Stand and Hire an Assistant

club stand assistant two point campus

Click the chair icon to open the shop, navigate to the Clubs tab, buy the Power-Nap or Speed Walking Stand and place it inside or outside the campus to start a Club.

Some Club items require assistants. Hire a new employee or assign staff members to keep them functional.

3. Prioritize Recruitment

recruiting club staff

To invite students to join a Club, click the stand and turn on “Prioritize Recruitment.”

While most Clubs benefit students, some come with downsides. For example, the Orb Club helps you earn more money, but it affects students’ happiness negatively.

Prioritize recruitment for a Club only if you’re aware of both the upsides and downsides.

4. Add More Items to Grow the Club

more items in club two point campus

Each Club has specific items that increase attractiveness and prestige. Unlock them to grow the Club faster.

Waning Moon, for example, is an exclusive item in the Power-Nap Club that enhances the environment and boosts the members’ skills.

How to Create a Room for a Club?

add more items to club

Open the Items menu (the chair icon), unlock the Partition Wall for 30 Kudosh, and build walls around the Club. Add windows or decorative items if necessary.

💡 Suggested: Learn how to increase room capacity.  

Unlike buildings, Clubs in Two Point Campus do not have rooms. So, you must create one using the partition walls. The only downside, however, is that you cannot add doors.

Quick Recap

This is how to start a Club in Two Point Campus:

  • 1.  Finish the first year at Pizza Lanatra.
  • 2. Buy and place a Club stand on the campus.
  • 3. Recruit students.
  • 4. Add items to grow the Club.