How To Upgrade Courses In Two Point Campus (The Easy Way)

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You have two ways to upgrade a course: Wait for the academic year to end and click the Manage Course button or upgrade them mid-year in the Course Management menu.

3 Things to Know Before Upgrading a Course

Your overall tuition income increases as you upgrade the courses. But there are three caveats:

  • You need Course Points.

Upgrades don’t come for free. You should raise the campus level and earn Course Points to get them.

  • The changes will activate next year.

No matter when you upgrade a course, the changes won’t take effect until you start the next academic year.

  • You must meet the requirements.

High-level courses require more teachers, rooms, and pieces of equipment. So, you might have to hire new employees, buy new gear, and increase rooms capacity in advance.

How to Upgrade Courses at the End of the Academic Year?

upgrade courses two point campus

Click the “Manage Courses” button on top of the screen at the end of the year. Specify the number of upgrades and “confirm.”

There’s no way to downgrade a course in Two Point Campus. So, if you’re unhappy with the upgrades, click “Revert Changes” before starting the following year.

How to Upgrade a Course During the School Year?

upgrade courses two point campus

Go to the Course Management menu (the book icon). Choose the course you want to upgrade, click the plus next to the class title, and confirm the settings.

Note that the new adjustments won’t affect the current year’s classes.

What Else Can You Upgrade?

course management two point campus

On top of upgrading courses, the Course Management menu lets you adjust the student intake, tuition fees, and learning rates.

Increase or Decrease Student Intake.

Decreasing student intake is straightforward: Go to the course settings (the little gear next to the class title). Click the minus until you reach the desired number. 

If you want to increase the intake, cut the tuition fees.

Higher student intake boosts your income. But it drops the graduation rate. So, learn how to help failing students in advance. 

Adjust Tuition Fees.

Tweak each course’s fee before an upgrade using the minus or plus buttons on each side of the tuition bar.

Enhance Learning Rate.

Upgrading courses affect the learning rate negatively. Cut the tuition fee and student intake to fix it. 

💡 Suggested: Learn how to make staff happy to maximize students’ learning.

Quick Recap

To upgrade a course in Two Point Campus:

  • Click Manage Course at the end of the academic year. Use the plus button under the course’s name to up its level and apply the settings.
  • If you want to upgrade the course mid-year, go to the Course Management menu (the book icon). Click the plus under the course name and confirm the settings.