How To Use Cleaning Liquids In Powerwash Simulator

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Whether playing PowerWash Sim multiplayer or offline, Cleaning Liquids are a must.

But since the game doesn’t provide specific instructions, getting the nozzles and soaps might confuse you and slow down the gameplay. 

So, here’s a complete guide to using soaps and beating the game faster. 

What Are Cleaning Liquids?

powerwash simulator cleaning liquids

In PowerWash Simulator, Cleaning Liquids are substances that attach to your soap nozzle, allowing you to quickly clean specific surfaces like stones, woods, and glasses. The game explains that you should “match liquids to surface materials for the most effective results.”

How to Get Your Nozzle and Start Using Soap?

To use cleaning liquids in PowerWash Simulator, get a soap nozzle first. Then buy at least one soap at the Shop. And finally, press the LB button (E on PC) during a job to equip both.

1. Buy a Soap Nozzle at the Shop.

While in the game’s Career, Special, or Free Play menu, click the three horizontal lines on the top-left corner and select Shop.

💡 Note: Shop is not available in the Challenge Mode.

Scroll down until you see Prime Vista 1500 Soap Nozzle and click Buy. It costs $75.00, so you should complete at least one Career Mode job to afford it.

If you have some extra cash, you can also buy fancier nozzles like Urban X U2 ($375.00), Prime Vista 300 ($600.00), or Prime Vista Pro ($900.00).

2. Buy Cleaning Liquids.

powerwash simulator buy liquids

Now that you own a soap nozzle, you need to fill it with soap. Head to the Shop and grab a few bottles of Cleaning Liquids—out of all the six available options.

Each bottle costs $10.00, and there’s a limit on how many you can buy .

💡 Pro Tip: Start a job and analyze the surface materials before buying liquids. That way, you only get the necessary ones, saving yourself a few bucks.

3. Equip the Nozzle and Soap.

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Once you have a soap nozzle and a bottle of Cleaning Liquid, press the View button (E on PC) to equip them.

Finally, press the RT button (left-click on PC) to soap the place and clean it faster!

Can You Get Cleaning Liquids Mid-Game?

Yes, you can buy soap and nozzles in the middle of a mission/job. To do so, press the Menu button (Esc on PC), head to Shop, and buy the items you need. 

💡 Suggested: Learn how to find dirt in PowerWash faster. 

How to Refill Your Cleaning Liquid?

If you have an extra bottle of soap, pressing the LT button (R on PC) would refill the Cleaning Liquid. But you have to finish the bottle you’re currently using in advance. So, it’s not like reloading a gun at will.

What Happens When You Keep Using an Empty Soap Bottle?

After emptying a soap bottle, your nozzle still sprays liquid. But it’s just an animation, and if you look closely, the water doesn’t affect the dirt. In other words, using an unfilled Cleaning Liquid only wastes your time—because it doesn’t clean anything.

What Does Each Soap Do?

Except for the Multi-Purpose Cleaner, each Cleaning Liquid in PowerWash Simulator cleans the surface material matching its name. For instance, Wood Cleaner washes wooden parts while Stone Cleaner cleans walkways and walls.

Could You Use any Random Cleaning Liquid for a Surface Material?

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The game shows what kind of liquid you should use for each area. So, you can’t use random Cleaning Liquids on different surfaces, and you should match the soap with the material shown on the screen’s top-left corner—next to the cleaning percentage.

However, you might be able to use a Multi-Purpose Cleaner for most surfaces regardless of material.  

Quick Recap

  • To use the Cleaning Liquids in PowerWash Simulator, buy a soap nozzle and a bottle of liquid at the Shop, and equip both during a job by pressing the View button (E on PC).
  • If you own two or more liquids, pressing the LT button (R on PC) would refill it.
  • Each soap cleans the surface that matches its name except for Multi-Purpose Cleaner.