Pokémon GO: How To Get Vivillon (Step-by-Step)

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With Christmas comes a pleasing Pokémon Go surprise: Vivillon, a new Gen-6 collectable.

But the butterfly-looking Pokémon isn’t the only wonder. In an unusual approach, Niantic wants you to get Vivillon with postcards.

Instead of chasing the new addition, you should get in touch with friends.

This time, Pokemon Go’s postcards help you complete the Pokédex.

But how do you get Vivillon with postcards?

This guide is all you need to figure it out.

Where to Find a Vivillon in Pokémon Go?

You can’t find one in the wild.

The only way to catch a Vivillon is by pinning Postcards. Every three unique cards from a particular region grant a Scatterbug encounter at your current location.  

How to Collect Vivillon?

1.      Pin three Postcards from a specific region.

2.    Select the Vivillon Collector medal in the Trainer Profile.

3.    Tap “Catch!” on an unlocked sub-medal.

4.    Catch the Scatterbug (unevolved/basic form).

5.    Evolve it into Spewpa with 25 Candies.

6.    Finally, evolve Spewpa into Vivillon with 100 Candies.

How To Get Scatterbug?

To encounter a Scatterbug, pin 3 postcards of the same region to your Postcard Book.

This will give you a sub-medal in the Vivillon Collector Medal, which you can use to encounter (and catch) a Scatterbug.

How Many Postcards to Get Vivillon?

Since you must catch a Scatterbug first, you need 3 postcards for every potential Vivillon.

But that increases to 9 postcards after the first catch and 15 after the second.

Collecting the first round of Vivillons (excluding the event-only ones) takes 54 postcards, the second round 162, and the rest 270.

How Many Candies Do You Need to Get Vivillon?

Turning each Scatterbug into Vivillon requires 124 Candies.

You pay 25 Candies to turn a Scatterbug into Spewpa (but one Candy gets refunded). And from there, you need an additional 100 Candies to get a Vivillon.

Getting all the 20 Vivillon patterns needs 2,500 Candies, which drops to 2,480 after the refunds.

What Kind of Pokémon Is Vivillon?

Vivillon (pronounced vi-vi-yon) is a Gen-6 Bug/Flying Pokémon and the 666th entry in the Pokédex. Its basic form is Scatterbug, which evolves into Spewpa before turning into Vivillon.

Vivillon was added to Pokémon Go in December of 2022, during the Season of Mythical Wishes.

Max CP2097

How to Evolve a Vivillon?

Vivillon is already an evolved Pokémon. You get it by evolving Scatterbug into Spewpa and then into the final form, Vivillon. If you want differently patterned Vivillons, evolve Scatterbugs of different regions.

How to get the Platinum Vivillon Collector Medal?

Having 1-5 Scatterbugs grants you the bronze medal, 6-9 the silver medal, and 10-17 the gold medal. You must obtain all the main 18 Scatterbugs in Pokémon Go to get the platinum medal.

(You don’t have to evolve them.)

Complete List of Vivillon Patterns and Regions

In Pokémon Go, there are 18 main and 2 event-only Vivillon patterns, bringing the total variations to 20. Each pattern has a distinct coloring inspired by its region.

The patterns are scattered around the map. And you must collect postcards from each area to obtain all.

Villion PatternRegion
ArchipelagoCaribbean, South Africa
ContinentalArgentina, Central Europe
Central Asia, India
GardenUK, Ireland, NZ
High PlainsWestern United States, Eastern Europe
Icy SnowGreenland, Northern Canada, Northern Europe
JungleColombia, Northern South America, Central Africa, Indonesia
MarineChile, Greece, Eastern Europe, Spain
MeadowCentral Europe
ModernEastern United States
MonsoonSoutheast Asia
OceanHawaii, Madagascar
PolarAlaska, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Northern Europe
RiverNorth Africa, South Africa, South Australia
SandstormMiddle East
SavannaBrazil, North Australia
SunMexica, Madagascar
TundraIceland, Southern Norway, Sweden, North Japan
Poké BallEvent-only

Vivillon FAQs

You’re now ready to catch Vivillons. But you know how it is with Pokémon Go. There’s still a lot to unravel.

The following are frequently asked questions about the latest Gen-6 additions, Scatterbug, Spewpa, and Vivillon.

Is Vivillon Available in Pokemon Go?

As of December 16, 2022, Vivillon is available in Pokémon Go as a Gen-6 collectible. Players must first obtain Scatterbug and evolve it into Spewpa to get Vivillon.

What Determines Vivillon Pattern?

Vivillons’ patterns are determined by their habitat. In other words, Vivillons from different regions have distinct colors.

Is Vivillon a Good Pokémon?

Considering its values, Vivillon is not a good Pokémon for PvP. But it’s an excellent collector item.

How Much Is a Vivillon Worth?

While Vivillons are tradable in Pokémon Go, they are not considered an overseas trade. So, a Vivillon is worth 3-4 Candies at most.

Is There a Shiny Vivillon in Pokémon Go?

No. As of December 2022, Vivillon does not have a Shiny form.

How Likely Is It to Get a Hundo Vivillon?

There is a 1 in 216 chance of getting a Hundo Vivillon. But the chances of getting a Shundo are zero as the Pokémon has no Shiny form.

What Are The Rarest Vivillon Patterns?

Two of the rarest variations are Icy Snow and Archipelago. But Vivillon’s rarity depends on your region. The farthest pattern to you is also the rarest—in most cases.