How To Add Bots In MutliVersus (The Easy Way)

how to add bots in multiversus

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Bots are AI-controlled characters in MultiVersus, replacing real players in 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2, and Free for All games.

Although unavailable in Local Multiplayer, bots can be added to online matches and practice modes.

Here’s how to add bots in MultiVersus. 

How to Add Bots in Custom Game Lobby?

custom lobby multiversus

In the Custom Game Lobby, hover over the empty slots and select “Add Bot.” Finally, press the A button (left-click on PC, X on PlayStation), choose the character, and start the game.

You can also change the bots’ difficulty to very easy, easy, medium, and hard.

Note that the multiplayer won’t work unless the teams are balanced. So, match the Game Mode to the number of bots you want to add.

How to Play with Bots in Online Multiplayer?

coop vs ai

If you want to play with a friend against bots, choose “Co-Op VS AI” in the main menu.

In this mode, you pair up with a friend and compete against two CPUs.

Similar to Custom Game, you get to change the bots’ difficulties to even out the teams.

How to Add Bots in the Lab?

the lab multiversus

Press the Menu button on the Xbox controller or Esc on the keyboard in the Lab. Hover over Add Bot, select a character and confirm.

The Lab is a simulation that lets you add and fight AI opponents to improve your skills. Bots can perform specific actions (e.g., special attack, neutral attack, etc.) so you can practice dodging or counterattacking.    

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How to Play Solo Against AI?

teams multiversus

For a 1-player game versus AI, head to the Bots section in the main menu. Choose any of the three modes—1 VS 1, Team, or FFA—to enter the lobby with CPUs.

How to Know if You Are Fighting Bots?

All AI-controlled characters in MultiVersus have the word “bot” in their names. So, if your opponent or teammate is named things like “Billy Bob Bot Sr,” “Capn Botticus,” or “I Bot This Account,” you are definitely playing with CPUs.

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Can You Play with Bots in Local Play?

spot ai multiversus

No, bots are unavailable in couch Co-Op modes. The only way to play with friends versus AI is by creating a custom game or inviting a friend to a Co-Op VS AI match.

Here’s a Quick Recap

  • To add CPU in Custom Game Lobby, hover over an empty player slot and select “Add Bot.”
  • To play online with a friend against bots, create a Co-Op VS AI match and invite them to your lobby.
  • Bots can be added to the Lab by pressing the Menu button (Esc on PC) and selecting the “Add Bot” option.
  • By creating a match in the “BOTS” section, you can compete against 1 to 4 CPUs.
  • If a player has the word “Bot” in their name, they’re most likely AI-controlled.