How To Beat Gnome Way Out In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

how to beat gnome way home in cuphead
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Gnome Way Out is not the most challenging mission in the Cuphead DLC.

But using this simple guide, you could knock out Glumstone the Giant in less than 5 minutes and save yourself some time for other boss fights.

Tip: If you can’t access Gnome Way Out mission, check out our guide on how to start the Delicious Last Course.

Best Weapons and Charms for Gnome Way Out

best weapons and charms

Equipping two of the following weapons helps beat the mission faster:

  • Crackshot
  • Twist-Up
  • Lopper

As for the charms, the following items are the best options:

  • The Astral Cookie (If you prefer to play as Ms. Chalice).
  • The Heart Ring (If you want to parry the pink objects).
  • Smoke Bomb (If you play as Mugman or Cuphead).
  • Or the Divine Relic (Optional)

Defeat Glumstone the Giant in 3 Easy Steps

defeat glumstone

First, use the Crackshot to land as many shots as possible while Glumstone summons gnomes, gees, and poisonous clouds. Then, use the Twist-Up to take down his puppets. And finally, parry the pink bells of skulls while hitting the lump to beat the Glumstone the Giant for good.

Sounds confusing? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Stay on the Moving Platforms and Shoot the Glumstone

glumstone moving platforms goose

Glumstone has three main attacks: Poisonous clouds, geese, and the bear. But his gnomes will also try to hit you.

Jump, dash, and roll to avoid the poisonous clouds. Stay on the lowest platform to dodge the wedge of geese. And get on the first platform (the one near the Glumstone) to survive the bear.

cu phead glumstone bear

While escaping his attacks, keep shooting him with the Crackshot or Lopper until he literally rips his beard off and starts the second phase.

💡 Pro Tip: Parry Dash the pink clouds to refill your Super Art faster

2. Dodge the Balls and Gnomes and Knock Out the Puppets with Twist-Up

glumstone puppets cuphead

During the second part, Glumstone attacks you with two ball-throwing sock puppets. To beat them, stay close to the right or left flank of the screen (beneath one of the puppets) and shoot it with the Twist-Up.

Watch out for the gnomes that pop out of the ground and try to land on you. The trick is to stay away from the little bumps that appear on the floor before they jump out.  

If you’re beating Gnome Way Out on Simple Mode, this is where the mission ends, and you get back to the map.

💡 Pro Tip: Parry the pink gnomes to charge your super meter.

3. Avoid the Darts, Parry the Bells, and Shoot the Lump

cuphead glumstone stomach

The last stage of Gnome Way Out is where you have to fight the lump in Glumstone’s stomach. It will throw drumsticks and bones at you while other gnomes shoot you with darts.

You have three objectives: 1) Dodge the darts, 2) avoid the bones and drumsticks, and 3) parry the pink tongues of the skulls.  

Glumstone’s stomach has five skulls for you to stand on. But one of them disappears every time the lump spits out meat.

You should wait until one of the skulls opens its mouth to parry its pink tongue and reset all the platforms. 

That’s it! Keep shooting the lump with the Twist-Up while dodging its attacks until you beat Gnome Way Out.

Here’s a Quick Recap

To beat Glumstone the Giant in Gnome Way Out:

  1. Hit Glumstone with the Crackshot while dodging his primary attacks: The bear, the geese, and the clouds.
  2. Use the Twist-Up to take out the sock puppets.
  3. Finally, parry the skulls’ pink tongues, avoid the gnomes’ darts, and shoot up the lump to defeat the giant.