How To Beat Snow Cult Scuffle In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

how to beat snow cult scuffle
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You need to beat Mortimer Freeze in Snow Cult Scuffle to unlock Icy Sugar Cubes, a Wondertart main ingredient.

But thanks to his numerous attacks, it’s actually going to be a challenging boss fight. 

Don’t you worry, though. Here’s how to beat him quickly and easily.   

Special Moves That Help You Defeat the Boss

You need the following moves to beat Mortimer.

  • Invincible Roll: Press the Y-button while holding down on the D-pad.
  • Invincible Dash: Press the Y-button while having the Smoke Bomb Charm equipped.
  • Parry Dash: Press the Y-button mid-air while playing as Ms. Chalice.

How to Beat Mortimer Freeze in 3 Steps

To defeat the ice lord in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, dodge his cards, icicles, and whale attacks until he calls in Snow Monster. Stay away from the ice cubes and popsicles that Snow Monster throws and invincible roll when he rolls over you. Finally, shoot Mortimer Freeze’s snowflake form to beat him.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing so. 

1. Mortimer Freeze’s Icicles, Cards, and Whale

Mortimer cuphead

At the beginning of Snow Cult Scuffle, Mortimer attacks you in three ways: Summoning icicles, throwing cards, and slamming a whale to the ground.

Reposition yourself as soon as Mortimer opens his cap—because that means he’s about to deploy icy minions. But don’t move too much because there’s enough gap between each icicle to dodge them. (You can shoot the minions as soon as they hit the land).

Mortimer whale

If Mortimer throws a card at you, move to the corners, wait for it to disappear, double-jump and dodge, or parry dash if it’s pink. The cards are slow, and you’d have enough time to avoid them.

Finally, move away from the shadow of the whale when Mortimer tries to slam you. Simply stay away from the black circle that shows where his strikes will land.

cuphead freezer

Keep shooting him while dodging the attacks until he rings the bell to call in the Snow Monster.

Once that is done, you then move onto part 2. Prepare yourself, it starts to get tricky.

2. Snow Monster’s Popsicles, Ice cubes, and Rolls.

snow monster ice cubes

Like Mortimer, the Snow Monster has a series of strikes: Throwing ice cubes, summoning flying popsicles and ice swords, and rolling.

His ice bombs bounce as soon as hitting the ground, creating more bombs. But they never land in the same spot twice. So, position yourself where the ice cubes first hit the ground to dodge the rest.

To avoid the popsicles, you can either dodge-roll or shoot them. 

If he punched the ground to hit you with swords, stay close to the last spike to survive the rest. 

snow monster sword

Snow Monster’s rolling attacks are trickier, leaving you with only two dodge options:

  • Invincible rolling as Ms. Chalice by pressing the Y-button while holding the down on the d-pad. 
  • Jump and dash as Cuphead or Mugman by pressing the A-button to jump and then the Y-button to dash mid-air.  

💡 Pro Tip: Equip the Smoke Bomb to avoid the Snow Monster’s rolling attacks simply by dashing. 

If you keep shooting the Snow Monster, he’ll create a pathway for you to go up and fight Mortimer Freeze for one last time.

Note: The Snow Cult Scuffle mission ends with defeating the Snow Monster when playing in the “Simple Mode.”

3. Mortimer Freeze’s Snowflake Form

During the last phase, Mortimer returns as a snowflake monster. Again, he attacks you in three ways: Summoning ice creams, throwing buckets at you, and striking you with his eyeball.

Before Mortimer summons the ice creams, three white-ish sparkles appear on the screen. So, you can dodge them by staying away from the sparkles.

For his second attack, the buckets, you should rotate on the platforms and dodge-roll. The tricky thing is that each bucket will turn into three boomerang-like blades as soon as hitting the other side of the screen. So, you have to avoid them as well.

mortimer ice creams

Finally, when Mortimer throws his eyeball at you, move in the opposite direction: clockwise if it’s coming from the left and counterclockwise if it’s coming from the right.

Keep shooting him until you knock him out for good!

Tips for Beating Snow Cult Scuffle Faster

Using the following tactics and tools, you can beat Mortimer Freeze’s boss fight in less than 10 minutes.

Parry the pink objects.

In each of the three stages of the boss fight, you encounter pink objects like cards, popsicles, and buckets. Parrying them refills your Super Art faster, allowing you to inflict more damage.

Equip the Crackshot and Lobber.

The best weapon for beating the flying Mortimer Freeze and the Snow Monster is the Crackshot. Because its shots bounce off the walls and hit the enemies with no need to aim, you can focus on dodging while shooting the minions and bosses. 

Lobber is a smart choice for the last phase of Snow Cult Scuffle because snowflake Mortimer stands below you, making the drooping shots of Lobber perfect for hitting him—despite the rotating platforms.

Play as Ms. Chalice.

If you’re new to the Delicious Last Course, playing as Ms. Chalice would increase your chances of beating Snow Cult Scuffle. Her unique invincible roll, double-jump, and parry dash abilities give you more options to defeat the enemies.

💡 Note: You must equip the Astral Cookie Charm to play as Ms. Chalice during the Mortimer Freeze boss fight.

Here’s a Quick Recap

  • To beat Snow Cult Scuffle in Cuphead, defeat the flying Mortimer Freeze, so he calls in the Snow Monster. Then, go up the platform that the Snow Monster creates to fight the final boss, snowflake Mortimer Freeze.
  • You can parry the pink objects to refill your Super Art faster.
  • Equip the Crackshot for the first two phases of the mission and beat the last phase with the Lobber shot.