How To Block In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)

how to block in multiversus
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Blocking is an anticipated feature in MultiVersus. Currently, only two characters block attacks: Wonder Woman and Steven Universe.

The game encourages dodging instead of blocking to boost the action.

But regardless, here’s how to master both.

How to Block Enemy Attacks?

wonder woman dodge multiversus

As Wonder Woman, hold down the Special Attack button after a Side Special. This will give you a shield that blocks enemy projectiles. As Steven Universe, hold the left trigger to create a bubble that temporarily blocks all strikes.

Note that these two characters, WW and Steven, are the only MultiVersus heroes who can block. For other characters, the closest thing to blocking is dodging.

How to Dodge?

how to dodge in multiversus

On Xbox, dodge by pressing the B or RT button mid-air or on the ground. (L or middle mouse button on PC and Circle or R1 on PlayStation).  

There are three types of dodging:

  • Attack dodge.

Rushing an enemy with a dodge allows a close-range strike.

  • Counterattack dodge.

When the enemy attacks you, dodging gets you behind them, allowing a counterattack.

  • Air dodge.

Downward dodge mid-air gets you closer to enemies on the ground for an above attack.

What’s the Downside of Dodging?

Similar to blocking, dodging decreases your stamina. If you overuse it, returning to the platform gets challenging, giving the enemy a ringout chance.

Does Dodging Block the Strikes?

multiversus dodging

As the name implies, dodging does not block the attacks. It only helps you escape them. For instance, dodging the enemy in front gets you behind them. But they can still hit you if close enough.

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How to Break Enemy’s Block?

Wonder Woman’s shield blocks projectiles. To break it, you must either strike her from behind or wait for it to go away as her stamina drops. However, for Steven, hitting his Unbreakable Bond three times breaks it.

If the enemy dodges, you must hit them as soon as their dodge ends, not mid-dodge. That’s how you break their defense.

Quick Recap

  •  Only two characters have blocking abilities: Wonder Woman and Steven Universe.
  • To block attacks with Wonder Woman, do a Side Special and hold the Y button down.
  • To block attacks with Steven, hold down the left trigger (J on PC).
  • Other characters should dodge to escape attacks.
  • You can break Wonder Woman’s block by hitting her from behind.
  • Steven’s bubble goes away after blocking three strikes.