How To Eat Shaggy’s Sandwich In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)

how to eat shaggys sandwich in multiversus
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Shaggy can throw or eat a sandwich to either damage the enemy or get a temporary buff.

Throwing it is straightforward: pull down on the left stick, press the Y button to grab a sandwich, and press it again to toss.

But how do you eat it? Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to eat Shaggy’s sandwich in MultiVersus.

1. Equip Hangry Man as Your Signature Perk

hangry man multiversus

Shaggy’s Hangry Man perk is a must-have for eating the sandwich. Ensure you have it equipped before entering a match.

If the perk is locked, up Shaggy’s level to 9 and go to Perk Training mode in the Collection menu to unlock it.

2. Grab a Sandwich Mid-Match

While in the game, pull down on the left stick and press the Y button once (K on PC, triangle on PlayStation).

By doing so, Shaggy pulls out a toast from the ground and holds it in one hand.

There is no limit on how many sandwiches you can summon.

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3. Charge Your Rage to Eat the Sandwich

Once you have a sandwich in your hand, hold down Y or the left bumper to eat it. (K on PC, triangle, or L1 on PlayStation)  

Note that there is no specific animation showing Shaggy eating the sandwich. So, it will just disappear as soon as you charge your rage.

What Happens When Shaggy Eats a Sandwich?

Eating a sandwich accelerates Shaggy’s rage charge. Without a sandwich, the rage takes approximately 2.5 seconds to charge. However, eating it halves the time.

According to MultiVersus, “If Shaggy has a sandwich equipped, he can quickly charge rage at the cost of eating his sandwich.”

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What Is the Benefit?

Shaggy’s rage charge cancels when the opponents hit you. And that’s one of his weaknesses. Eating the sandwich is beneficial because it reduces the charging time, leaving the enemy less time to react.

How to Stop Shaggy from Eating the Sandwich?

how to stop shaggy from eating a sandwich

Canceling the rage before charge-up stops Shaggy from eating the sandwich. (Simply release the Special button before the rage is complete).

But as an opponent, prevent him from eating the sandwich by hitting him before he finishes the charge.

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Quick Recap

  • To eat Shaggy’s sandwich, equip the Hangry Man perk, pull down on the left stick, press Y, and charge your rage.
  • You cannot eat the sandwich without the Hangry Man signature perk.
  • If the perk is locked, up Shaggy’s level and use the Perk Training mode to unlock it.
  • Eating the sandwich accelerates Shaggy’s rage charge.