How To Get Assists In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)

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Looking to get more assists? Here’s the problem.

MultiVersus does not provide any tips on getting them. Even worse, there are no mechanics to show how many you got in a match.

But don’t worry; this quick guide turns you into the Michael Jordan of assists in MultiVersus.

Here’s how to get assists in MultiVersus.

What Is It?

Assist in MultiVersus is an indirect ringout, any action contributing to the enemy’s knockout. You get an assist whenever you help your teammate kill an opponent by buffing or shielding them or stunning the enemy.

According to the game, “Assist is the act of hitting an enemy moments before they are RING OUT by an ally.”

How to Get Assists?

multiversus assists

In a 2 VS 2 or FFA match, get your opponent to 100 damage points without killing them and let your ally ringout them. That’s how you get an assist.

Here are other ways to get assists:

Buff your teammate.

Support characters (Velma, Reindog, and Steven Universe) buff allies. If their buffing leads to a ringout, you get an assist.

Shield your ally.

A few heroes like Wonder Woman and Steven Universe shield teammates. And you get an assist every time the block contributes to a knockout.  

Stun the enemy.

Stun is when you freeze or slow down an enemy with a projectile, trap, or strike. If you stun an opponent before they are knocked out, you receive one assist point.

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What Are the Best Characters for Getting Assists?

best characters for getting assists

Characters with high damage but low ringout power are best to get assists. They inflict just enough damage to weaken the enemy, facilitating the ringout by the teammate.

Bruiser class is ideal for that. But thanks to their buffs, shields, and stuns, you can also get assists with Support characters.

Here are the four best heroes that multiply your chances of getting assists.

Arya Starks

Nimble and sharp, Arya causes a lot of damage without pushing the opponents too far. She can weaken the enemy, assisting the teammate in the knockout. 

Wonder Woman

Despite being a Tank, WW is an excellent character to get assists. Her Lasso of Truth, the shining leash, pulls the opponents closer, creating a perfect ringout opportunity for your allies.


Getting an assist with Velma is straightforward. She has two moves facilitating knockouts: The Educated buff and the Police Car stun.

Her Down Special, Spread the Knowledge, buffs the teammates. And her strikes drop evidence which eventually summons a police car that stuns the enemy.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs kiss is the best move to get assists. If you kiss an ally, they get a buff, and if you kiss an enemy mid-air, they get stunned. In both scenarios, you get an assist for the subsequent ringout.

What Game Mode Gets You the Most Assists?

Surprisingly, the Free-For-All game mode is best for farming assists. Since you have three opponents in this mode, it’s likelier to get one knocked out without direct involvement.

2 VS 2 and Local Play modes are also fine. But you must pair up with allies that understand your tactic. Otherwise, scoring assists gets frustrating. 

Quick Recap

  • Assists in MultiVersus are indirect ringouts.
  • To get an assist, you must do something (buff, shield, stun) that contributes to a knockout.
  •  Arya Starks, Velma, Wonder Woman, and Bugs Bunny are the best characters for getting extra assists.
  •  Playing Free-For-All matches increases your chances of getting assists.