How To Get Gold In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)


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Need more Gold to unlock more characters or buy skins in MultiVersus? 

The following are 7 guaranteed ways to earn extra gold fast (aka Coin) in MultiVersus.

Gold is the in-game currency of MultiVersus that unlocks heroes, outfits, and toasts. But unlike Gleamium, you cannot purchase these coins; you must win them.  

7 Ways to Earn Coins

The most obvious way to get Gold is by playing local multiplayer or online matches. The game grants you up to 36 coins if you win a solo match and 9 if you lose.

Other alternatives include playing with bots, pairing with friends, maxing heroes, and doing daily missions.

Here are all the methods to farm MultiVersus Gold. 

1. Win Your First Match of the Day

match of the day multiverss

Winning the first fight on each day grants you 200 gold.

One easy way to win matches is by playing with bots. Go to the “Bots” menu and create a 1 VS 1 or Team match before competing with actual players.

Winning matches against bots is a great way to earn some extra gold.

Note that the prize is available once per 24 hours.

Make sure you take advantage of this daily win for your extra gold bonus.

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2. Pair Up with a Friend to Earn Extra 30% Gold

Inviting a friend to your lobby gets you thirty percent more coin. It also boosts XP gain, which accelerates the level-up.

To pair up with a friend, click the “plus” icon next to your home screen character or create a Custom Game Lobby.

💡 Pro Tip: Rescue allies in team matches or help them Ring Out enemies (get assists) for extra coins.  

3. Play Games with Bots for Easy Coins

play with bots

You get at least 30 gold for every victory against CPUs or online players.

Playing matches against players online will help improve your player rank but if you want to earn gold fast, beating bots is much easier.

However, beating bots is relatively easier, allowing trouble-free Gold farming.

4. Toast or Get Toasted

toast multiversus

Earn additional coins by getting toasted at the end of each match.

If you’re unfamiliar, toasts are tips that grant players Gold.

Giving toasts to your teammates or opponents is also a good idea. While toasting costs money, it eventually earns you more, thanks to the daily objectives.

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5. Earn Gold by Ranking Up

earn gold in multiversus

Your Career rank can be rewarding. You get 100 coins every time it goes up.

If you want to rank up faster, play with friends because paired-up matches grant 30% more XP.

6. Level Up a Hero to Get More Gold

level up hero

You get 100 Gold for upgrading a hero to level 5.

If you want to farm Gold faster, play bot games with one hero and switch to another when they hit level five.   

7. Do the Starter and Daily Missions

starter missions multiversus

There is a list of daily missions on the game’s main menu—next to your home screen character. Getting them done pays at least 100 Gold.

New players will have “Starter Missions,” which are pretty easier to complete. They include objectives like “accept a 1 VS 1 match,” “play five games,” and “invite a friend to your match.”

What’s the Best Way to Spend Gold in MultiVersus?

You cannot invest Gold in upgrading the characters. So, the best way to spend it is by unlocking new heroes. Having new characters accelerates rank-up and helps you earn even more Gold by leveling them up.