How To Get The Astral Cookie Charm in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

how to get the astral cookie charm

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Along with the Heart Ring and Broken Relic, the Astral Cookie is the latest addition to Cuphead’s charm inventory. But unlike most other charms, the Astral Cookie is a must to beat specific missions.

Here’s everything you need to know about this magical portal-opener.

What Is the Astral Cookie Charm?

what is the astral cookie charm

Introduced in the Delicious Last Course DLC, The Astral Cookie is a charm that turns Cuphead and Mugman into Ms. Chalice, granting you three new skills: Double jump, parry dash, and invincible roll. 

How to Get The Astral Cookie Charm?

chef saltbaker cuphead

To get the Astral Cookie in The Delicious Last Course, visit Chef Saltbaker in the Inkwell Isle Four and press the A-button to talk to him. He gives you the charm after a short cutscene. 

Here’s a quick guide to starting the Cuphead DLC and getting to the Inkwell Isle Four:

  • If you’ve already beat the main game, locate the nearest Mausoleum and talk to the boatman next to it. 
  • If you can’t find the boatman anywhere on the map, beat the Run & Gun and Mausoleum I missions in Isle One so that he shows up. 

How to Use The Astral Cookie Charm?

While in the Inkwell Isle Map, press the Y-button (Triangle on PlayStation and Shift on PC) to open the Equip menu. Then, head to the Charm section and press the A-button (X on PlayStation and PC) to use the Astral Cookie.  

Once equipped, it activates automatically, and you don’t have to press any buttons. Upon your arrival to the missions, the Astral Plane portal opens up and your character, Cuphead or Mugman, swaps places with Ms. Chalice.

💡 Note: If both players in the two-player mode equip the charm, it affects only one of them, and the other plays as their original character.  

What If You Unequip the Astral Cookie?

unequip astral cookie charm

If you don’t equip the Astral Cookie charm, you should play all the Inkwell Isle Four missions as Cuphead or Mugman. And it would be challenging to beat missions that require Ms. Chalice’s unique abilities, double jump, parry dash, and invincible roll

Here’s a Quick Recap

  • Talk to Chef Saltbaker in the Inkwell Isle Four to get the Astral Cookie Charm. 
  • To equip the charm, press the Y-button on the map, find the Astral Cookie and press the A-button. 
  • The charm affects only one of the players in the two-player mode. 
  • If you unequip the charm, you’ll have a hard time beating missions that need double jumping, parry dashing, or invincible rolling.