How To Get The Devine Relic In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

how to get the devine relic in cuphead the delicious last course
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Like the Astral Cookie, Divine Relic is one of the latest additions to the Delicious Last Course’s charms.

But you can only acquire it after unlocking a secret mission and completing a hidden objective. (No, you cannot buy it at the Prokrind’s Emporium).

 Sounds confusing? Here’s a simplified guide to help with that.

The Easiest Way To Get The Divine Relic Charm

To get the Divine Relic Charm, you should solve the graveyard mystery, beat the secret boss, the Angel and Demon, and proceed to defeat seven more bosses on Regular difficulty.

1. Buy the Broken Relic and Solve the Graveyard Mystery

devine relic

Go to the Prokrind’s Emporium and buy the charm called “Broken Relic.” It costs only 1 coin, and its description says, “A simple bauble of unknown origin.”

Once you get the charm, press the Y-button to open the menu, and equip it.

💡 Pro Tip: If you don’t have enough coin to buy the Broken Relic, follow the secret path behind the Prokrind’s Emporium to get one. There’s a hidden coin right behind the Bakery.

How to Solve the Graveyard Puzzle?

Talk to the mountain climbers next to the shop in chronological order: First place, second place, third place. Scan their dialogues, looking for directional words like up, down, left, and right.

Write the directions down or memorize them in the same order (First place, second place, third place), and head to the graveyard, the area beneath the waterfall where a ghost detective is hiding behind a tree.

💡 Pro Tip: If you haven’t beat the Snow Cult Scuffle mission, use the secret path behind the shop to access the graveyard. (Go behind the Prokrind’s Emporium and turn right near the green hip roof). 

2. Solve the Puzzle, Beat the Angel and Demon, and Get the Cursed Relic 

cuphead graveyard

You see  nine tombstones in the graveyard, but only eight are intractable. Using the directions you acquired from the mountain climbers, press the A-button in front of each tombstone so that a blue ghost shows up.

Note that the code differs for each player. So, you can’t solve the puzzle unless you talk to the climbers.

After solving the puzzle, the tombstone in the middle turns into a gate which takes you to the Angel and Demon boss fight. (Select yes when the game asks you, “Take a little nap?”).

The secret boss fight is not going to be a big challenge. But it’s best to equip Smoke Bomb or Astral Cookie charm before entering the arena because some Angel and Demon attacks are unavoidable unless you have invincible rolling or dashing.

Beating the Angel and Demon turns your Broken Relic into a Cursed Relic.

3. Equip the Cursed Relic and Defeat 7 Bosses on Regular Difficulty

cuphead cursed relic

As the final step of getting the Divine Relic, you should equip the Cursed charm and defeat seven random bosses on Regular or Expert Mode.

You can go back to previous Inkwell Isles because it doesn’t matter which boss you fight—as long as it’s not on the Simple mode.

Every time you beat a boss with Cursed Relic, an eyelash-like line appears on its icon. And it turns into the Divine Relic charm once covered with seven lines.

💡 Pro Tip: On top of its unique ability, the Divine Relic also acts as the Heart Ring charm, granting you 1 HP for the first, third, and sixth parry dash or regular parry. So, don’t let the pink objects slide. 

Why You Should Get the Divine Relic

While not an essential charm, the Divine Relic can buff your character. It increases your DPS (damage per second rate) by randomizing your weapon.

But more importantly, the Divine Charm grants you the power of four other charms: Coffee, Heart Ring, Whetstone, and Smoke Bomb. All at once. 

Here’s a Quick Recap

To get the Divine Relic charm in the Delicious Last Course DLC:

  1. Equip the Broken Relic, talk to the mountain climbers and write down or memorize the cryptic directions they give you.
  1. Head to the graveyard and press the A-button next to the tombstones that the climbers described.
  1. Defeat the Angel and Demon boss fight and get the Cursed Relic.
  1. Beat 7 bosses on Regular or Expert mode to turn the Cursed Relic into the Divine Relic.