How To High Five In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)

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High Five, Dude! is Finn’s Neutral Special Attack in MultiVersus. It reflects and blasts projectiles.

The following guide simplifies how to high five your friends or use the move to ringout enemies.

How To Do High Five?

high five finn

While playing as Finn, hold Y (K on PC, triangle on PlayStation) to raise your hand and release it near a friend to high-five them.

To high-five an enemy, hold Y while rushing them and release it when they’re in reach.

What Happens When You High Five?

what happens when you high five in multiversus

Finn’s high five reflects the enemy’s projectiles. It also inflicts up to 15 damage points when fully charged. However, high-fiving an ally releases a large blast projectile around you—if the attack charge is high enough.  

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What Is the High Five Meter?

high five meter multiversus

Finn’s high five meter is an orangish bar under his health, indicating the power. A full high five meter means you can reflect enemy projectiles, hit them with your hand, or high-five your teammate. (Combos fill the bar faster).

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What Is the Best High Five Combo?

Finn’s high five throws the enemy in the air. So, the best combo is High Five, Dude! and Soaring Backpack Attack! This combination ringouts the opponents, even if they have low damage points.

To do this combo, hold the Y button to strike the enemy with a high five. Then, press up and Y mid-air to spin your backpack.

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Quick Recap

  • Finn is the only MultiVersus character who can high five allies.
  • Hold Y and release it near a friend to high five them. (It is K on PC, triangle on PlayStation).
  • Hold and release Y while rushing an enemy to hit them with a high five.
  • When used on the opponents, Finn’s high five reflects projectiles and inflicts damage.
  • Using it on a friend creates a blast projectile that pushes nearby enemies away.
  • Soaring Backpack Attack! (Finn’s Air Up Special) is the best combo for high five.