How To Make Custom Games In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)

how to make custom games in multiversus

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MultiVersus lets you create custom games with your rules—both in online and local play.

Here, you learn how to set up your own games and customize the settings for more fun.

What Is a Custom Game?

A custom game in MultiVersus is an online or offline lobby where you play by your rules against bots or players. The mode has customizable features, such as the number of players, ringouts, time, and map rotation. 

How to Create an Online Lobby?

create online lobby multiversus

In the main menu, select “Custom Game.” Add bots or invite friends to the match. Identify the game mode, ringouts, and time. Finally, press the X button to create the online lobby.

How to add bots to custom games?

Hover over an empty player slot in the lobby and click “Add Bot.” You can change the bots’ difficulty and skin before starting the match.

How to Play 1 VS 1 in Custom Games?

Change “Game Mode” to 1 VS 1, hover the cursor over the empty player slot, and click “Add Friend.” Once the other player joins the game, press the X button to start the 1v1 match.

Likewise, change the game mode to 2 VS 2 or Free for All to create a team or FAA match. 

How to Create Custom Local Play Games?

local play multiversus

Click “Play” in the main menu. Use the left bumper (E on PC, R1 on PlayStation) to access Custom Play. Finally, click “Local Play,” add one to four controllers, and start the match.

Note: Bots are unavailable in Local Play. So, you must have at least one additional controller.

Is MultiVersus Custom Game Broken?

You may experience network and server issues when creating custom games in MultiVersus Beta/Alpha. However, the mode is not broken, and downloading the latest patches fixes most of the current issues.

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Quick Recap

  • To create a custom game, go to the Custom Game Lobby, invite friends or add bots, select the mode, ringouts, time, and map, and press the X button.
  •  To create an offline custom game, select “Local Play,” add at least one more controller, customize the match settings and start the game.  
  •  Change the game mode to 1 VS 1 to play against one friend.