How To Play Local Multiplayer In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)

how to play local multiplayer in multiversus
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If you want to know how to set up local multiplayer in MultiVersus, here’s what you need to do in 2-minutes or less.

The following guide helps you create a local party and join the game with 2, 3, or 4 friends locally (on one device).  

How To Play Local Multiplayer in MultiVersus

local play

To set up local multiplayer in MultiVersus, you need to follow these settings in the game’s menu:

  • 1. Select “Play.”
  • 2. Click “Custom” and then “Local Play.”
  • 3. Press any button on other controllers to join.
  • 4. Choose a character, outfit, and taunt.
  • 5. Finalize your signature and secondary perks.
  • 6. Select a map.
  • 7. Press the X button to start playing local multiplayer.  

Local multiplayer or local gameplay is the couch co-op in MultiVersus. It allows you to play in 2V2, 1V1, or free for all modes of MultiVersus.

What Game Modes Are Available in Local Play?

match settings multiversus

The great thing about playing MultiVersus locally is that there are three game modes available:

  • Player versus player.
  • Team versus team.
  • Free-for-all.

1 VS 1: You must fight another player.

Teams (2 VS 2): You and one other player must compete against two other players.

Free For All: You must defeat all the other three players.  

What Are The Best Match Settings For Local Play?

match settings ringouts

The customizable options are mode, time, rounds, and hazards.

Game Mode determines whether you want to play solo or as a team.

Ringouts identify how many rounds the game should last. (The maximum ringout is four).

Time limits the match duration, but you can set it to “Unlimited.”

Hazards are random obstacles that show up on the platform. 

What Characters Are Playable in Local Multiplayer?


Unlike online multiplayer, the offline local couch co-op has 20 unlocked heroes.

Here’s the list of characters available in MultiVersus local play:

Arya StarkAssassin
Harley QuinnAssassin
LeBron JamesBruiser
Tom & JerryMage
Bugs BunnyMage

How To Add A Second Player or Controller?

Connect the controller to the Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. Go to the “Local Play” section in the “Custom” menu. And press a button to join the lobby. 

Note: For a 2-player game, open the match settings, and change the mode to 1VS1. Otherwise, the multiplayer won’t work.

Can you play with a controller and keyboard?

Local multiplayer in MultiVersus requires at least two controllers. You cannot play the game with a PC’s keyboard and one controller.

How to 1VS1 in MultiVersus Local Multiplayer?

Once in the Local Play section, open the match settings (the book icon), and change the Game Mode to 1 VS 1. 

If you want to play as teams, change it to 2 VS 2 and Free for All to play against 2 or 3 opponents.

How to Add Bots?

custom game lobby multiversus

You cannot add bots in MultiVersus local multiplayer.

You can only add bots to MultiVersus in online matches or practice modes.

The mode is only available for 2 to 4 players. 

If you want to play with a friend against AI or bots, create an online lobby or select Co-Op VS AI in the main menu. Just remember to learn how to block in Multiversus, it will help.