How To Rescue Allies In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)

how to rescue allies in multiversus
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There are three ways to rescue allies in MultiVersus: healing them, pulling them back on the platform, and shielding them from enemy attacks.

Here’s how to do each. 

How to Rescue a Falling Ally?

rescue falling ally

While playing as Reindog or Wonder Woman, press the Y button (K on PC, triangle on PlayStation) to attach a tether to your ally and rescue them from falling.

If your character is Steven Universe, do an Up Special near a falling teammate so they can jump on your shield and get back on the ground. 

How to Heal a Teammate?

how to heal team mate in multiversus

To restore an ally’s health, you must play as one of the three support characters. As Velma, shoot a projectile at your ally to heal them. As Reindog, do the same with your tether. And for the same effect as Steven, do a Down Special.

Note that Steven’s healing special also calls a small creature that would fight for your team.

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How to Shield the Allies?

how to shield in multiversus

Two characters can shield teammates: Wonder Woman and Steven Universe. If you’re playing as Wonder Woman, do a Down Special near your teammate to give them a temporary shield. As Steven, hold down the left trigger (J on PC) to put your ally in a shielding bubble.

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Does Rescuing Allies Give You an Assist?

Assists are received every time your actions help eliminate an opponent. So, rescuing an ally by shielding them might earn you an assist—if they ringout an enemy immediately after.

But you will not get an assist for simply pulling back your teammate on the platform or healing them.

Quick Recap

  • Playing as Reindog or Wonder Woman, you can rescue falling allies by pressing the Y button (K on PC and triangle on PlayStation).
  • To heal an ally, you must play as one of the three support characters: Velma, Steven Universe, or Reindog.
  • Velma heals teammates by shooting projectiles at them. * Steven does the same with his Down Special. And Reindog shoots a tether in the air that damages the enemy while restoring the friends’ health.
  • Wonder Woman’s Down Special and Steven’s shielding bubble can protect teammates from getting hit.

Rescuing an ally won’t get you an assist unless it helps eliminate an opponent.