How To Restart TemTem (The Easy Way)

how to restart temtem
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If you have been playing through TemTem and want to restart over or delete your progression then you have came to the right place.

We’ll show you how to restart TemTem the easy way, but before we do, we need to warn you of a few things before you do restart the game, because it may or may not be worth it for you, depending on how far you are through the game.

TemTem does not allowing multiple save states or characters, meaning you can only ever have one save/character.

Disadvantages of restarting TemTem

  • You lose all progressions
  • You can no longer access any of your saved data
  • You may lose your character name

Advantages of restarting TemTem

  • You start from scratch and can play through again like your first time
  • You can choose a new character name

How To Restart TemTem

temtem settings
Credit: HyperXGaming

To restart TemTem simply press Esc (on PC) or + (on Nintendo Switch) to access the menu, then scroll over to settings on the right hand side. When you are in the settings tab, you will find “reset character” at the bottom of the menu.

When you press “reset character” button you will prompted to confirm your decision. Once you do so, the game will reset and you will start from scratch when you open up the game again.

Remember, when you reset, you will lose everything.

temtem reset character
Credit: HyperXGaming

There’s also a possibility that someone will take your name between the time you reset your character and setup a new game. It’s unlikely this will happen but it’s something we just have to mention because it has happened before!

Once you have reset, close the game, re-open it and begin your new TemTem adventure from scratch! I hope this quick article helps, and if you want more guides be sure to check out how to beat Gnome Way Out in Cuphead DLC.