How To Start The Delicious Last Course DLC In Cuphead (The Easy Way)

how to start the delicious last course dlc in cuphead
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Since The Delicious Last Course DLC is not a stand-alone game, you should complete the Run & Gun and Mausoleum I missions in Inkwell Isle One before accessing the new content.

5 Steps to Access the Cuphead DLC

Here’s how to play the Delicious Last Course. 

1. Ensure the DLC Is Installed

the delicious last course is installed

A new “DLC” option will be added to the game’s menu, showing a cover art with the following text: “The Delicious Last Course is installed.

If you can’t see the cover art, reinstall the DLC and try again.

2. Get Your First Weapon.

delicious last course weapon

If it’s your first time playing Cuphead, create a new save file and enter the Inkwell Isle One. You’ll have to talk to Elder Kettle to get your first weapon, the Peashooter.

He’ll ask you to complete the tutorials. But that’s optional, and you can skip the whole thing.

3. Beat the Run & Gun Mission in Forest Follies 

run and gun mission cuphead

Exit the Elder Kettle’s house and head to the bridge where an apple-head character is watching the river.

Then, press the A-button next to the red circle on the ground and complete the Run & Gun mission in Forest Follies.

💡 Pro Tip: Get three coins by talking to the apple-head kid, use them to buy the Heart Charm, and gain an extra hit point before entering Forest Follies.

4. Locate the First Mausoleum

first masoleum

A bridge connects the two parts of the Inkwell Isle One after you beat Run & Gun. And continuing on the new path takes you to Mausoleum I.

In the Mausoleum, you must parry the purple ghosts attacking the urn. By doing so, you save The Legendary Chalice and earn your first Super.

5. Talk to the Boatman to Start the DLC

cuphead boatman

After completing the First Mausoleum, a boatman shows up next to the ruined building. Press the A-button to talk to him and select “Yes” when he says, “The boat awaits. Let us depart.”

The boatman takes you to the Inkwell Isle Four (IV), where you can start the Delicious Last Course DLC.

How to Start the Delicious Last Course if You’ve Already Beat Cuphead?

To access Cuphead’s new DLC you will need to visit the boatman in Inkwell Isles, which is next to the Mausoleums. He will give you access to the Delicious Last Course DLC.