How To Toast Other Players In MultiVersus (The Easy Way)

how to toast n multiversus
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Do you want to know how toasting works in MultiVersus?

This guide explains toast and how you can give it to other players.

What Is Toast?

toasts multiversus

Toast is a tip you gift MultiVersus players, granting them Gold. You can give toasts to both your teammates and enemies at the end of a match—whether in Local Play or online modes.

What Does Toasting Mean in the Game?

When someone toasts you after a game, you receive extra Gold.

In MultiVersus, toasting means you enjoyed the match or appreciated a player. It’s like a high five or a fist bump after a battle. But some gamers use toasts sarcastically, rewarding their opponents with Gold to imply they are not good.

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How to Toast Teammates and Opponents?

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At the end of the match, click the button on top of other players’ avatars that says, “Give Toast.” (The toast icon with a craved heart in the middle).

Note that toast is unavailable until at least one player declines the rematch, and the match is over.

How to Unlock and Buy Toast?

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Open the Collection menu in the main lobby. Click on the toast icon in the top right corner. Select unlock to buy 10 toasts for 350 Gold.

The toast icon also appears at the end of each match. So, you can buy some and give them to other players without visiting the shop.

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Do You Have to Win the Match to Toast Others?

No, you can toast other players in MultiVersus regardless of the match result. But players often do it after a win to celebrate or thank their teammates/opponents.

Quick Recap

  • To toast others in MultiVersus, wait for the match to end and click the “Give Toast” button on their avatar.
  • Toast is a tip that grants the receivers Gold, a type of currency to unlock characters or buy costumes.
  • 10 toasts cost 350 Gold.
  • Get toasts in the Collection menu or at the end of each match.
  • You don’t have to win the game to be able to toast