10 Best Legendaries In Pokemon Go (Updated 2022)

best legendaries in pokemon go
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Pokemon GO took the world by storm when it first came out; the craze was so immense that some countries banned the game altogether, as players in their countries were getting injured because of the game.

Since then, the craze has come down, but the game still boasts a massive player base.

When the game came out in 2016, it didn’t have every single Pokemon that the Pokemon franchise had created. Since then, the devs have slowly but surely added a lot of new Pokemon to the game, even legendaries.

Every time a new Pokemon is added, the typical Pokemon Go player gets hyped up, especially for the Legendary Pokemon, because, why wouldn’t they legendaries are awesome!

As their name suggests, these Pokemon are mighty; some of the legendaries are literal gods in the Pokemon universe.

Many legendary Pokemon have found themselves in Pokemon GO in 2022, and players have long debated which legendary is the best.

Well, we’re here to end that debate once and for all, these are the best legendaries in Pokemon Go.

10. Ho-oh


We start our list with the best fire type in Pokemon GO, Ho-oh. This Pokemon has been among the most popular ones for decades; it was first revealed for the Johto region games.

It was a box art legendary for the generation along with Lugia. It is also famous for a cameo in the first episode of the Pokemon anime!

Ho-oh’s max CP is 3863, which is enough to dominate almost every game you play. The fire-type Pokemon might be weak against water types, but it deals insane damage to ice and grass-type Pokemon.

Ho-oh is also very strong against bug, steel, and Fairy-type Pokemon.

The best movseset to use with a Ho-Oh is incinerate, and Brave Bird; these two moves pack the most DPS that Ho-Oh can get and makes it a Pokemon that no one would want to mess with.

9. Kyogre 


Kyogre is the best water type from the Hoenn region. Ever since it was added to Pokemon GO, players worldwide have gained a lot of victories riding on the massive waves this gigantic Pokemon creates.

Kyogre boasts a Max CP of 4115! That number alone should make your opponent fear. As Kypogre is a water-type Pokemon, it will deal 60% more damage to steel, fire, water, and ice-type Pokemon.

The Pokemon is especially very useful for discarding your opponent’s fire-type Pokemon!

The best moves to use on a Kyogre are Hydro Pump and Waterfall; you can add or remove moves based on your preference, but this is what we reccomend.

If you’re looking to catch Kyogre, the best Pokemon for the job would be Deoxys or Zacian. Kyogre is very hard to get a hold of as it is a one-in-a-million catch (not literally).

8. Groudon 


After the tsunami-inducing Kyogre, we have the earth-shattering Groudon at number 8.

Probably the most menacing Pokemon ever designed, Groudon boasts a dragon-like look and some tremendous dragon-type moves but is registered as a Ground-type only.

Needless to say, the Pokemon was the best ground type in Hoenn.

A Groudon can make easy work of those pesky posion types famous for being hard to counter. Apart from that, a Groundon can also trounce electric and rock-type Pokemon. 

The Pokemon looks both menacing and… menacing; with a Max CP of 4115, this beast can take on any legendary you throw at it. The best moves you can run on a Groudon are Dragon Tail and Earthquake.

7. Reshiram


Reshiram is one of the best dragon-type Pokemon of all time; it was first revealed for the 5th generation Pokemon games. Reshiram was the box art legendary, and along with Zekrom forms the Tao Trio in the Unova region.

Reshiram is a Fire/Dragon-type Pokemon, a type that is very rare in the Pokemon universe.

As for the strength and weaknesses, Reshriam is weak against Dragon, ground, and rock-type Pokemon. It is strong against and deals more damage to Pokemon of the Fire, electric, grass, steel, and bug type.

The maximum CP you can get on a Reshiram in Pokemon GO is around 4038. Which is more than enough to win every battle.

Fire Fang and Overheat are the best moveset to run on a Reshiram; these moves have the highest DPS.

Reshiram is a Pokemon that would’ve been way higher up in this list, but we have dragon types who are better than it up ahead!

6. Giratina


We enter our top 5 with the God-King of the Shadow Realm, the menacing Giratina. This creature is called the devil of the Pokemon universe for a reason.

It boasts a unique typing of Dragon and Ghost and a max CP of 3379. The Pokemon rules the shadow realm; it was banished to this dimension by the Pokemon God Arceus himself.

Giratina’s Ghost/Dragon typing makes it a force to be reckoned with, especially in higher-level leagues. 

It might be weak against fairy types, but it is extremely effective against Posion, Big, Fire, Water, Grass, electric, Normal and Fighting-type Pokemon. This makes it a very versatile Pokemon that can take on any attack that you throw at it.

In its Origin form, Giratina becomes deadlier than before, its CP rises, and so does its power. When you have an origin Giratina with you in a match, the best moveset to run will be Dragon Tail and Shadow ball; this will use Giratina’s extra power.

5. Zekrom


Zekrom was right. The box art is legendary for the 5th generation games along with Reshiram. These box art legendaries and Kyurem also form the Tao Trio; they even fuse with the Kyurem to create Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, respectively.

The Pokemon is not only powerful but also looks fantastic; the color scheme especially is very striking and very unique to Zekrom.

Zekrom is a Dragon/Electric-type Pokemon; this dual typing is unique. Zekrom makes use of this dual tying more effectively against Flying, Steel, Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric-type Pokemon. It is weak against Ground, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type Pokemon.

Zekrom is a deadly Pokemon in GO; it has a max CP of 4038, which is way better than Reshiram. As it is an electric dragon, you can use the moves Charge Beam and Wild Charge in PvP battles to get the most DPS.

4. Eternatus


Eternatus is the biggest Pokemon in the universe and has the highest CP of any Pokemon in the game, 4429. 

If you manage to get an Eternatus with max IVs, the likely hood is that you will become unbeatable; that’s how powerful this flying beast can get. 

If that wasn’t OP enough, the devs gave it a compelling dual typing. Eternatus is a Posion Dragon, which can easily defeat Fighting, Posion, Bug, Fire Water, Electric, and Grass types.

Eternatus is extremely powerful but is also extremely rare, so good luck trying to get a hold of it.

With Eternatus at your side, you win almost every PvP battle with a little bit of practice. The highest DPS move set for the Pokemon is Dragon Tail, along with Dragon Pulse.

If you like to get a little creative, you can choose Cross Poison or Flamethrower in your move set.

3. Mewtwo


Since it was first revealed in the main site’s games, Pokemon fans have been trying to get a hold of this legendary. Its popularity skyrocketed when movies dedicated to its origin story came out; it has been a decade since Mewtwo was revealed.

It is still one of the best legendaries in Pokemon Go to have on your team, hence its position on this list.

Mewtwo has been a part of Pokemon for a long time, and players have realised that it is the best Pokemon to have in the game; that’s how good it is.

Its max CP can reach up to 4178; that alone should be enough justification for putting it in the 3rd place.

It’s a pure psychic type Pokemon, which means it will be weak against Bug, Ghost, and Drak type Pokemon, but rest assured, the rest of the Pokemon types will be obliterated by Mewtow’s versatile move pool.

Mewtwo can learn many different types of movies. Still, we suggest you ruin with the highest DPS move set, which features Confusion and Psystrike. 

With Mewtwo on your team, you’ll be winning every single PvP match you have!

2. Rayquaza


Next up on the list, we have the flying beast, Rayquaza. If this were a list based on how the Pokemon looks, Rayquaza undoubtedly would’ve been the number one Pokemon. 

It probably is the most well-designed Pokemon in the franchise and also has the coolest shiny form in the Pokemon universe. It was the box art legendary for the Pokemon Platinum games. And is a part of the legendary trio of Hoenn, along with Groudon and Kyogre.

Rayquaza not only looks good but also is very powerful. With a max CP of 3835, this Pokemon is enough to terrorize an entire team. As it is a Flying/Dragon-type Pokemon, it is weak against Ice, Fairy, Rock, and Region-type Pokemon. But for the remaining Pokemon Types, Rayquaza is a nightmare.

Especially the fighting, Bug, Fire, and water-type Pokemon, against whom Rayquaza deals 63% damage! If you’re looking for the highest DPS move set for this beast, you should go with Dragon Tail and Outrage.

1. Dialga


Dialga is the best legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and there isn’t a single doubt in my mind why I’m putting it here.

The Pokemon is better than every single Pokemon mentioned above; it is in a class of its own.

It recently got a new form in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus game; we might soon see it making its way into Pokemon GO. Regardless of the new form, Dialga is a force to be reckoned with; it literally is the God of Time!

Dialga is a Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon, which is weak against Fighting and Ground-type Pokemon. It is strong against almost every other type in the game; this alone should tell you how mighty this blue dragon can be!

In Pokemon GO, the maximum CP a Dialga can have is 4038, similar to Reshiram. The best moves you can run on Dialga to get the max DPS is Metal Claw and Draco Meteor!

Dialga somehow manages to balance out all its flaws against its strengths, giving us the most powerful Pokemon, a well-oiled machine that’ll obliterate anyone that comes in its way!

So there you have it, a look at the best legendaries in Pokemon Go, from someone who is addicted to the game!