How To Leave A Clan In Raid: Shadow Legends (The Easy Way)

how to leave a clan in raid shadow legends
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If you are asking yourself how to leave a clan in Raid: Shadow Legends then you have came to the right place.

This is not an easy decision for you as it comes with many disadvantages when leaving, especially if its a clan that has guided you and helped you through various stages of your gaming experience.

However, it does mean you can have a fresh start and look for other clan members that may help you and assist you further down the line.

Hopefully this quick and easy guide helps you.

How To Leave A Clan In Raid: Shadow Legends

Credit: GamerEmpire

In order to leave a clan in Raid Shadow Legends, the player will need to go to the “Clans” menu (at the bottom of your screen) in the City. Go to the “Members” section and select the “Leave Clan” option (also at the bottom of the screen). Confirmation will be required before the process is complete, accept this and you will successfully leave the clan. Once the player leaves a clan, they will not be able to rejoin that same clan ever again.

There is no way around this. Players who are looking to leave their clan should first weigh the pros and cons of doing so. Additionally, it is recommended that players speak with a leader or administrator of the clan before making their final decision.

Credit: GamerEmpire

The advantages of leaving a clan in Raid: Shadow Legends

  • The player no longer feels like they fit in with the clan or its members
  • The player is not happy with the way the clan is run
  • The player wants to take a break fromRaid: Shadow Legends and wants to leave on good terms

The disadvantages of leaving a clan in Raid: Shadow Legends

  • The player will no longer have the support of the clan
  • The player may be banned from the clan if they leave on bad terms
  • The player will have to start from scratch if they want to join another clan

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to leave a clan is up to the player. However, it is important to remember that leaving a clan is a permanent decision and should not be taken lightly, especially if you are planning to play Raid: Shadow Legends for a long period of time.