How to Beat City of Sanctar and Get the Banner in TinyKin

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Looking to get that banner and complete some epic side quests? Here’s a simplified guide on how to beat City of Sanctar in TinyKin without any fuss.

Solaria, a pious shieldbug, owns the banner. To retrieve it, you must help him repair the old disc player so the City of Sanctar can hear Ardwin again.

#1. Collect 10 Pink TinyKin And Move the Blue Disc

Your goal is to move the blue disc up the ramp and put it back on the tray.

Hold the RT button to ride the Soapboard and scan the area to collect at least ten pink and five red TinyKin.

how to beat City of Sanctar in TinyKin - Move the blue disc

Once you have enough TinyKin, blow up the temple’s gate, grab the disc, and make your way up the ramp.

#2. Open The Ramp Leading To The Disc Player

Exit the temple and head to the red couch. Blow up the cage around the tambourine and make your way up to the other flank, where you see a giant plant.

Go up the leaves and unlock the ramp by shooting red TinyKin at the two boxes.

#3. Grab The Play Button And Place It Back

Once on the record player stand, unlock the silk way to the cat tree by throwing a TinyKin at the little rock on the VHS tape. 

Hold the RT button to slide on the line and get to the other side. Throw a pink TinyKin at the play button to grab and return it to the disc player.

how to beat City of Sanctar in TinyKin - get the play button

Use the LB to aim at the missing button and press the RB to place it back.

#4. Toggle the Button on the Chair Handle to Locate the Antenna

Get back to the pinkish chair next to the temple and climb up using the tambourines.

There’s a button on the chair’s left handle that you must toggle. It rotates the chair, opening the gate to the last item: Antenna.

Finally, go down and throw pink TinyKin at the antenna, so they carry it to the disc player.

That’s it. Once the TinyKin fix the antenna, Solaria thanks you and rewards you with the banner.

Now you know how to beat City of Sanctar in TinyKin, and you’re ready to beat the next mission: the Foliana Heights. 

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How to Beat the Side-Quests In City Of Sanctar

The City of Sanctar, the game’s first level, has three optional side-quests: Finding Melody, bringing back Arsen’s gem, and taking a picture of the blue doll.

The side-missions grant you more pollen, accelerating the level-up.

Here’s how to get them done.

how to beat City of Sanctar in TinyKin - beat the side quests

How To Get Into The Piano

Get on top of the old piano and talk to Dulcimera (the ant) to start the quest.

Blow the box holding up a ruler. Go in the same direction and move the cups to unlock the ramps.

Get in the restaurant under the cat tree and throw six TinyKin at the black dining table, the missing piano key. Place the key back in the piano to open the gate and get into the piano.

Cross the obstacles inside the piano, blow up the cage trapping Melody, and set her free.

She rewards you with a museum artifact, the Golden Coin.

How Do You Get the Gem?

To get the Gem in TinyKin, you must collect 1,000 pollen and trade it with Sikaru to upgrade the Glider Bubble first. Check out our article on how to get more Bubbles in TinyKin for more information!

Once you own a level-2 bubble, head back to the TV stand and climb up until you reach the megaphone on top. From here, jump on the floor lamp and throw a TinyKin towards the hanging candle stand to get the screwdriver.

Learn how to get the Screwdrivers in TinyKin here.

Get back to where you meet Arsen, open the gate using the screwdriver, and get inside the TV.

Push the transmitter to turn the TV on, collect the gem, and take it back to Arsen. He will reward you with the Treasure Poster.

How To Take A Picture Of The Doll

There are two worried ants under the plant next to the red couch. They will ask you to photograph the blue doll inside the TV stand.

To get this side quest done, throw 27 pink TinyKin at the polaroid camera and blow up the gate in front of it.

Get inside the TV stand and break the box that’s keeping the door closed. Wait for the TinyKin to bring the camera and take a picture of the blue doll.

Grab the photo and take it back to the ants. 

They will reward you with another museum artifact: The Broken Honor. 

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