How to Beat the Celerion and Get the ‘Thingy’ in TinyKin

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In today’s article, we’re going to show you how to beat the Celerion in TinyKin rescue the trapped visitors, repair Alanza’s race car and the track, and retrieve the cup from the castle.

Celerion Park: Race in Peril is the fifth and final level in TinyKin’s campaign after Ambrose: A Recipe for a Disaster. It’s where you find the “Thingy,” Ardwin’s machine’s last component.

Here’s a quick guide to beating this mission.

How to beat the celerion in Tinykin - TinyKin Leaf

#1. Put The Sword In The Dinosaur’s Mouth To Unlock The Cup

After talking to Wolter, head to your right towards the giant plant.

Jump over the leaves and make your way to the bottom of the closet.

Throw 10 pink TinyKin at the transformers’ sword attached to the top of the shelf.

Grab the sword and move it back to the castle.

You’ll have to turn on the crane to unblock the way. So, go behind the Lego walls and push the silver tower away to uncover the outlet. Then, create a line connecting the crane to the outlet and press the red button.

How to beat the celerion in Tinykin - Crane and Blue dino scene

The TinyKin will throw the sword at the toy dinosaur and unlock a room where you can find the cup.

Finally, pick up the cup and bring it back to the racetrack.

#2. Repair The Racetrack

The racetrack has a missing piece, which you can find on the upper shelf of the closet—next to the window.

How to beat the celerion in Tinykin - Missing piece of racetrack

Build ladders with the green TinyKin to cross the obstacle and get on top of the towels.

Pick the missing piece, build ramps for the TinyKin to bring it down, and put it back in its place.

#3. Find And Repair Alanza’s Lost Car

Alanza’s car is behind the Ferries wheel.

Move it down the ramps and pull down the counterweight inside the play tent (the Great Castle) to clear the way.

How to beat the celerion in Tinykin - Fixing the race car

Deliver the car to Huddsonn, wait for him to repair it, and bring it back to the racetrack afterward.

#4. Rescue The Visitors Trapped In The Train

Go behind the stuck train under the play tent.

Blow up the obstacles blocking the path and locate the outlet.

Create a power line connecting the outlet to the train’s power source, and push the red button to rescue innocent visitors.

That’s it; you’ve learned how to beat the Celerion in TinyKin. Wolter will now reward you with the Thingy when the race is over.

How To Beat The Side Quests At The Celerion Park?

There are three side missions at Celerion: Collecting five figurines, finding the missing ammo, and retrieving the gem.

Here’s how to get them done.

Where Do I Find Stiller’s Figurines?

If you talk to Stiller, he’ll ask you to bring him back his precious figurines.

Here’s where to find them:

  • The cat figurine is behind Stiller, inside the barn.
  • The crocodile figurine is under the drawers near the casino.
  • The elephant figurine is on top of the slide next to Karnaval.
  • The dragon figurine is next to the giant balloons.
  • The snake figurine is on the second floor of the casino.

The TinyKin put the elephant and crocodile figurine on the stands, but you must place the rest manually.

How To Find Karnaval’s Missing Ammo

Karnaval asks you to find his missing ammunition.

Here’s where to find them:

  • The wooden ball is on top of the shelf behind the balloons.
  • The metal ball is on top of the closet.
  • The arrow is on the Great Tower’s second floor.

How Do I Retrieve Honsola’s Missing Gem?

Collect 900 pollen and upgrade the Glider Bubble to level 6. Check out how to get Bubbles in TinyKin for more details!

Get on the puzzle mat on top of the closet and jump towards the Great Tower.

Get over the tambourine and blow up the problematic asteroids while heading towards the hanging red plane.

Note: You must jump on the final asteroid to destroy it.

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