How to Beat the Foliana Heights and Get the Funnel in TinyKin

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Want to know how to beat the Foliana Heights in TinyKin? Discover how to find the key under the vivarium, bring it back to Offrocker, and retrieve the Big Funnel.

Foliana Heights: the Greenhouse of Madness is the second mission in TinyKin’s campaign, which takes less to beat than the City of Sanctar.

If you’re looking for how to beat City of Sanctar in TinyKin, then we’ve got that covered too.

Here’s a simplified guide to completing it in less than 10 minutes.

#1. Collect 20 Green and 10 Pink TinyKin

Hold down the RT button to surf the area and collect green and pink TinyKin.

The key you’re looking for is unreachable unless you can build ladders with green TinyKin and move objects with the pink ones.

How to Beat the Foliana Heights in TinyKin - Jumping over the sunflower

#2. Get on Top of the Desk and Jump Over the Sunflower

Once you have enough TinyKin, get back to where you met Offrocker, and climb the pile of books next to him.

Continue along the path on the desk, jump over the microscope, climb the leaves, and get on top of the vivarium.

You’ll see a giant sunflower to your right. Use its leaves to make your way into the cracked vivarium.

#3. Move the Cactus Krunch in the Vivarium and Retrieve the Key

Get inside the vivarium through the cracked glass. Throw 8 pink TinyKin at the cactus statue (CK) and jump down the hole.

Next, open the sliding door, grab the key, and leave the vivarium.

How to Beat the Foliana Heights in TinyKin - Collecting the key

#4. Bring The Key To Offrocker And Unlock The Path

Go back to the Offrocker near the pile of books and give him the key to unlock the Funnel.

The TinyKin might get stuck behind the gate while carrying the Funnel. If so, jump over the wall, and pull down the counterweight.

Now, you’re ready to start the next mission: the Waters of Balnea.

How to Beat the Side Quests in Foliana Heights?

There are two side missions in the Greenhouse of Madness: the missing bones and the missing gem.

Here’s how to get each of them done.

How to Beat the Foliana Heights in TinyKin - finding the titan bones

How To Collect The Titan Bones?

Get on top of the first vivarium near the yellow chair.

Talk to Marsh, the mantis that waves at you, to start the quest. He’ll ask you to retrieve four bones for a reward.

Here’s where to find each:

  • In the mantis’ city near where you meet Offrocker.
  • In the aquarium—on top of the cracked vivarium.
  • Behind the gate on the bookshelves over the microscope.
  • In the vivarium with a waterfall statue.

The bone on top of the cracked vivarium requires a screwdriver, which can be found behind the plant pot. 

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How To Find The Gem?

To get the gem at Foliana Heights, go all the way up on the sunflower, jump over the aquarium and make your way to the other side of the roof to talk to Robine.

He will ask you to find the missing gem.

Go through the entrance to his left and jump on the wood plank. Cross the obstacles, grab the gem, blow up the gate, and give it back to Robine.

Note: You must have a level-3 Glider Bubble to beat this mission. Learn how to get more Bubbles in TinyKin here. 

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