How To Beat The Lands Of Ambrose And Get The Tea Infuser In TinyKin

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If you’re wanting to find out how to beat the Lands of Ambrose in TinyKin, then you came to the right place.

You must unlock Ambrose’s door and collect the six ingredients of the Great Cake to beat this level and get the tea infuser.

The Lands of Ambrose: A Recipe for a Disaster is the fourth mission in TinyKin after the Waters of Balnea.

Here’s a quick guide to beating this chapter.

Part 1: Get Into The Lands Of Ambrose

The path to Ambrose is locked, and the key is at Transidor Crossing.

Follow these steps to unlock it.

Retrieve The Password Digits

First, collect the numbers scattered around the map.

Here’s where to look for them:

  • Inside the floor clock.
  • On the bookcase.
  • Behind the pile of suitcases.
  • On top of the bookshelves.

Once you have all the pieces, get back to Ridmi (near the safe) and put them back inside the frame.

Pull down the counterweight to open the gate blocking the extension cord.

How To Beat The Lands Of Ambrose In TinyKin - connecting the outlet to the extension cord

Connect The Outlet To The Extension Cord

Continue creating a power line from the extension cord to the safe to turn it on.

Enter the password (1986) in the combination lock to open the safe.

Grab the key and proceed to open the Lands of Ambrose’s door.

That’s part one covered as to how to beat the Lands of Ambrose in TinyKin. Keep going to smash part two!

Part 2: Help Seross Cook The Great Cake

The queen Seross needs six ingredients to cook the Great Cake: lentil flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, yogurt, and butter.

But the revolting people have scattered them all over the place.

If you gather the ingredients, Seross will reward you with the tea infuser, the fifth component of Ardwin’s machine.

Here’s where to start.

Grab The Eggs On The Countertop.

Climb the rope near the oven to get on top of the countertop.

Make your way to the other end, near the microwave.

Throw 6 pink TinyKin at each egg to grab them, and build two ramps for them to deliver the eggs to Remy. (You’ll need 19 gold TinyKin for this).

How To Beat The Lands Of Ambrose In TinyKin - push down the baking powder

Get Inside The Wall Cabinets And Push Down The Baking Powder.

Jump on the pile of dirty dishes next to the sink and then on the hanging doughnuts to reach the wall cabinets.

Cross the obstacles and unlock the rope next to the plant pot on top of the uppers.

Climb down to the bottom shelf and blow up the cage to release the baking powder.

Turn On The Toaster And Grab The Refrigerator’s Key.

Move the box to the mixer’s right to uncover the outlet.

Create a line using the blue TinyKin to turn on the toaster.

Get into the unlocked wall cabinet, blow up the cage, and grab the key.

Unlock the refrigerator, pick up the yogurt and butter, and build ramps to move them out.

How To Beat The Lands Of Ambrose In TinyKin - Cracking the sugar

Crack The Sugar Container And Retrieve The Last Ingredient.

Ride a silk line to get on top of the dinner table.

Blow up the container’s cap, grab the sugar cubes, and return to the countertop.

Throw the cubes into the mixer and wait for Remy to create the batter.

Finally, Put The Bowl In The Oven To Beat The Ambrose Mission.

Assign 20 pink TinyKin to move the batter bowl.

Wait for the ingredients to bake and the party to begin.

That’s it. Queen Seross will show up after the party to reward you with the tea infuser.

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How To Do The Side Quests At The Lands Of Ambrose?

There are three side missions in TinyKin’s level 4: The missing gem, the stick posters, and the popcorn.

Here’s how to get them done.

How To Beat The Lands Of Ambrose In TinyKin - Aktiviss Stick posters

How To Help Aktiviss With The Stick Posters?

Aktiviss is under the dining table. And if you talk to him, he’ll ask you to stick a bunch of posters to the notice boards.

Getting this mission done is simple: pick up all six posters, scan the area to locate the notice boards, and stick the prints.

After installing the images, Aktiviss rewards you with a museum artifact, the Funeral Petals.  

How To Retrieve Spagiari’s Missing Gem?

Spagiari’s quest requires a level-5 Glider Bubble. So, if your equipment is not upgraded, collect 800 pollen and talk to Sikaru in advance.

If your bubble is already level 5, get on top of the wall cabinets and jump over the ceiling fan.

Wait on a blade, so it takes you closer to the other wall cabinet near the window.

Get on top of the box and glide to the Forbidden Tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, hold the RT button to slide over the silk lines and cross the obstacles to retrieve the gem.

Spagiari will reward you with the Restrained Chaos once you give him back the gem.

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How To Beat The Lands Of Ambrose In TinyKin - Micheline's corn

How To Hit Up Micheline’s Corn?

The corn is behind the box on top of the floor storage shelves.

Once you find the corn, move it on top of the countertop.

Turn on the microwave by plugging it into the nearby outlet. (You must unlock the outlet first).

Put the corn inside the machine and return the popcorn to Micheline. He’ll reward you with the Sibylline Sketch, another valuable museum artifact. 

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